Do you have fresh online content?

By: Health Local Staff , Dec 01, 2018
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Search engines love new ("fresh") content

Fresh content is a strong indicator of content accuracy. On the other hand, content that has not been updated in a long time ("stale" content) is often interpreted by search engines as less likely to be accurate. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect that search engines will rank fresh content higher than stale content.

The above statements apply not only to your website, but to your entire online footprint. It's not surprising that maintaining fresh content on high-authority directory sites will also boost your local search rank.

This includes updating or adding:

As we've discussed in other articles, getting your business listed on multiple high-authority websites is a great way to attract new customers via local search and increase your revenue. Remember, winning in local search does not necessarily mean getting the most clicks to your website, but getting search-traffic to your business information from a variety of credible sources online.

In fact, you may win in local search and not get the most clicks to your website. All you should care about is getting potential customers to call and visit your business when they perform a local online search.

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