How to know its time to see a Physiotherapist? 

By: Estelle Barry - Physiotherapist Oct 12, 2017
Avalon Laser Health Physiotherapy and Wellness in St John's, NL.

How can a physiotherapist help me?

People often ask this question.   Here are a few guidelines


Acute injuries fall into two categories. Motor vehicle accidents (MVA), slip and fall incidents and sports injuries are all traumatic with external force as the agent of injury. For injuries such as those caused by repetitive actions like shovelling or heavy lifting the mechanism of injury is internal strain.

For those who have been involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident, it is important your injury is treated as soon as possible.  Even minor fender benders can cause soft tissue injuries in the neck, spine and others that may have lasting effects.  Early assessment and treatment helps decrease those lingering effects.

Following a recent injury, R.I.C.E.  (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) is usually the first thing you try at home. If you do not see any reduction in the swelling or the pain persists undiminished past 48 hours, it is time to seek professional help. Your physiotherapist will assess the injury; provide education and exercises to keep your muscles mobile if necessary. For acute injuries, the addition of laser therapy accelerates the body natural healing mechanisms as much as 50% and reduces the build up of scar tissue.


If early return to work or sports activity is important, consultation with your physiotherapist is recommended. Physiotherapists are trained to treat physical injuries and help get you back to normal activity as soon as possible. Laser therapy as part of the physiotherapy treatment program accelerates healing and provides for a strong and mobile scar less prone to re-injury.


Pain that lasts for weeks or months, affects your ability to enjoy everyday living. If you have physical pain that persists, seek professional help.  It may take a team that includes your physician, physiotherapist, and chiropractor and massage therapist; but finding the source of the problem is often the first step to improving the quality of your life. At Avalon Laser Health, we add low-intensity laser therapy to our treatments to reduce inflammation and pain and promote the body’s natural healing. When used to treat chronic pain conditions, laser therapy restarts the healing process and completes the body’s natural stages of healing. 


The body needs attention and care during this exciting phase of life. Fluctuating hormones soften the ligaments and tendons that support the back; and the body’s joints are no longer well supported. The pelvic floor and stomach muscles also   stretch.  Physiotherapy during this period can teach the techniques to support your body and teach you the exercises you need to get back to your healthy body, quickly after the baby is born.


There is no cure for arthritis; it is a condition that worsens over time.  The goal of treatment is to reduce pain and inflammation and to maximize range of motion so you can continue to enjoy living. Laser therapy is an excellent choice to reduce the inflammation and pain associated with arthritis and maintains range of motion.  Your physiotherapist will provide therapy, education and exercises to strengthen muscles and help keep your body moving.


To prevent many of the complications following surgery, physiotherapy is an excellent option. Before surgery, the physiotherapist will assess the risks of surgery and teach any exercises or techniques the patient will need such as: how to cough, how to mobilize the body, sleep positions, and how to get out of bed.  After surgery, the physiotherapist will help provide exercise to prevent muscle and ligament atrophy. 

If accelerated healing is a goal, speak to the physiotherapist about the role laser therapy can play to accelerate the body’s natural healing processes.


Before you start any new exercise or get-fit program,it is wise to seek the advice of a professional.  Your physiotherapist can assess any muscle imbalances, and teach the proper form to help achieve your best performance and prevent injury.  Prevention is always preferable to treatment of unnecessary injuries.

 If you have any concerns or notice something different about the way your body feels when you move, seek the advice of trusted health professionals. At Avalon Laser, our team of experienced therapists have the skills and tools to assess and treat your concerns to get you moving and back to your active lifestyle quickly and safely.

Estelle has worked as a physiotherapist in numerous clinical settings throughout her career. She has expertise in laser therapy and a special interest and certifications in postural rehabilitation. Her treatment focus is on long-standing pain conditions. Estelle
can be reached at Avalon Laser Health Physiotherapy and Wellness in St John's, NL.