What is the passion behind UgroGreens?

By: UgroGreens, Nov 22, 2017
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Who knew you could grow your own greens?

Our passion behind Ugrogreens is the health benefits!!

We have done extensive research not only on what is healthy and important for overall internal health, but also the market- is growing your own microgreens even available? We quickly could see that it was not!!! Seeing that we have entered our product in a market where health and lifestyle is fast becoming the new trend, we were eager to develop our microgreen Kit for the consumer to grow in the comfort of their home.

Health is very important to us- Our society needs to get back to "real" food. Our Microgreen Kits is one way people can do that. It is very easy to grow, plus it gives you the satisfaction of growing it yourself!! They taste delicious- there is no worry about bacteria entering the greens, and the best part is the fact that they are loaded in health benefits!!

Easy to just throw these yummy greens on anything like a salad, sandwich, soup, smoothie, wraps, dinner entrees and more.

Ugrogreens is the name of our NEW company in which we supply home-grown microgreen kits that YOU GROW in your own home. Our Microgreen kits are simple to grow and include 2 certified organic seed packs, 2 biodegradable grow mats and detailed step by step instructions for growing in the comfort of your own home. Even if you have never grown before, our homegrown kits will be simple for you!  Anyone who wants to have more healthy greens in their diet can grow "UgroGreens Microgreens" at home.

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Start your own indoor microgreen kit by purchasing any one of our microgreen kits like red cabbage, kale, alfalfa, basil, broccoli and much more to select from.