6 Dental Issues and How to Fix Them

By: Molson Park Dental - Dr. Adam Chapnick May 15, 2018
Molson Park Dental, Dr. Adam Chapnick, Barrie dentist

Dental problems can interfere with your self-esteem?

Dental problems can interfere with your self-esteem and prevent you from enjoying day to day life. For instance, if you suffer from bad breath or have discolored teeth, you may lose confidence in your smile and become unapproachable. Before you sentence yourself to a life of frowning, learn how you can get help to eliminate dental problems once and for all. Whether you have decayed, discolored or crooked teeth, advanced dental treatments are now available to ensure you get all the help you need to enjoy life and brighten the world with your smile. We’ll go over some 6 common dental problems and recommend popular treatments for them.


Tooth decay is one of the main reasons why many people suffer from bad breath. It occurs because the enamel has been attacked by acid formed when bacteria in the mouth reacts with the sugar from foods you consume. There are different treatments to address cavities. You may go for a dental filling or more permanent cosmetic procedures so you don’t have to deal with the cavity ever again. A porcelain inlay/onlay can be inserted to replace the missing tooth and it will provide better support plus prevent the teeth from decaying further.

Misaligned teeth

If you have crooked teeth, you may often feel shy or lack confidence in your smile. Teeth misalignments can also bring about bite problems that cause further deterioration of bone. There are procedures that can be done by a cosmetic dentist to deal with misalignment issues and correct bite problems. For instance, Invisalign or porcelain veneers are commonly used to fix teeth misalignments today.

Broken teeth

Broken teeth in your mouth may not cause any pain. However, you need to have them fixed because they expose your gums to serious infection. The broken teeth can provide adequate room for food particles to get stuck inside. It’s hard to reach to those food particles and remove them when flossing or brushing. This means, your risk of getting a cavity is higher when you have broken teeth in your mouth. Your dentist may recommend having a dental crown or onlay to fix the broken tooth and give you a natural smile makeover.

Missing teeth

Whether you were involved in a sports injury that resulted in your teeth falling out or you have missing teeth due to severe decay, replacing them is important not only for cosmetic reasons but also to improve your bite. Procedures such as dental implants are designed to replace your missing teeth and give you a set of complete teeth that look natural and flawless.

Uneven gum line

Some people lack confidence in their smile because the gums are too exposed. If you have a problem with your gummy smile, you can speak to a cosmetic dentist regarding possible treatment options. You can undergo a gum recontouring procedure to ensure your gum line doesn’t show more than your teeth when you smile.

Discolored teeth

Teeth discoloration can occur due to lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking lots of coffee or failure to go for professional cleanings as recommended. Advanced dental procedures allow you to whiten your teeth without feeling any pain or sensitivity. Talk to your cosmetic dentist regarding the teeth whitening procedure that is ideal for you.

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