The Goodness of Mustard Microgreens

By: UgroGreens, Mar 16, 2018
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The Goodness of Mustard Microgreens:

Mustard Microgreens such as Mizuna and Oriental have high levels of Antioxidants. They Detoxify your Liver and Blood. Helps lower Cholesterol. Mustards are also packed with Phytonutrients, high in Fiber and bone building Vitamin K. Also good in Immune-Boosting Vitamin C and provides Skin and Eye Health protection. That's A LOT of NUTRITION!!!

MUSTARD Microgreens are also packed with flavour!!  If you love Horse Radish you will love these greens!! Choose from Mild (Mizuna) or Hot(Oriental), these will be a delicious addition to your favorite foods.

Oriental Mustard

Mizuna Microgreens

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