Small but Mighty Microgreens!

By: UgroGreens, Apr 30, 2018
Ugrogreens, Home grown microgreens

How Can Something So Small be So Good For You?

It is often said that less is more. And with microgreens that saying is definitely true. Microgreens are the baby versions of the adult vegetable/herb and they are packed with nutrition.

It is fascinating when you learn that all the nutrition and growing needs of these microgreens are supplied from the seed itself- nothing else is needed. As the plant matures into its adult stage it requires nutrients from the soil, as well as fertilizers in some cases, but when grown as microgreens its needs are met completely.

What is really amazing is that since these young greens are so packed with the nutrition they add a wonderful health boost to many of our foods, and tastes delicious!!!

Anyone can grow these greens- our kits have easy step by step instructions- even a child can grow them.

Extremely rewarding to grow- especially for those who claim to have a “brown thumb”. You can't help but want to grow them over and over, trying a new variety each time. A real “Feel Good” kind of success!

Ugrogreens is the name of our NEW company in which we supply home-grown microgreen kits that YOU GROW in your own home. Our Microgreen kits are simple to grow and include 2 certified organic seed packs, 2 biodegradable grow mats and detailed step by step instructions for growing in the comfort of your own home. Even if you have never grown before, our homegrown kits will be simple for you!  Anyone who wants to have more healthy greens in their diet can grow "UgroGreens Microgreens" at home.

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