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Do you need a Referral to book a Massage Therapy

Q:  Do you need to have an injury or a referral from physiotherapy to have a massage at ProActive Rehab?

A: Not at all! Although one of the provided services at ProActive Rehab is physiotherapy, that does not mean you must be injured or having physiotherapy, to have a message here as well. Massage therapy can definitely help with your recovery from injury but it is also a great addition to your overall wellness plan and as a preventative measure against injury by keeping your muscles looser, improving your relaxation and helping you sleep better. Reducing stress and anxiety is a very important part of wellness (one of the 5 pillars!) and massage therapy is a great tool for achieving this.

If you are having physiotherapy at ProActive Rehab, massage therapy may be a great addition to your treatment plan and that is something you should discuss with your treating therapist. In as much as you do not need any specific referral (either from your physiotherapist or from your doctor) to enjoy and benefit from massage therapy, it is always a good idea to ask your therapist about how it may best fit into your treatment plan to complement and accelerate your recovery.

Keep in mind, if you have extended health care benefits, you may need a referral from your doctor to claim massages but that will not stop your massage therapist from being able to treat you!  For more information about massage therapy at ProActive Rehab and to book your appointment, please call us at 705-788-1480, email us at or visit our website at  

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