What is a non surgical face-lift?

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How does a non surgical face-lift work?

How does it work?

The extremely accurate device works by utilizing the voltage in the air between its tip and the skin, to form a plasma charge. An electrical arc is created and instantly shrinks the targeted skin. The tissue retraction and tightening gives results that are comparable to invasive surgery.

What is it used to treat?

  • Eyelid Tightening, including lower eyelids and excess upper eyelid skin.
  • Skin imperfections, including skin tags(Doctor’s note required)
  • Tightening loose stomach skin after pregnancy.
  • Lines and wrinkles around the mouth.
  • Plasma Facelift and Plasma Necklift.

What to expect-side effects and risks?

Plasma Pro Skin Tightening has been shown to be a safe treatment due to its non-invasive nature. Still, the majority of clients are likely to experience some minor side effects in the 7-10 days following treatment.

There will be some tiny brown marks that have the appearance of minor scabbing, which are carbon crusts, but in 7-10 days these will flake away, revealing new pink skin beneath. Some swelling will be seen (especially in cases of eyelid treatment), but it is likely to only last 3-5 days at most. Swelling in the eye area is to be expected for a few days following an upper eyelid treatment. To avoid any more serious side effects such as hyperpigmentation, follow the aftercare recommendations given to you by your technician.

This treatment is not recommended for everyone. It is only for light to medium skin tones and with some restrictions. Please contact us for further information or visit Plasma Skin Tightening Websites. You will find our pricing extremely competitive as we are having currently offering Grand Opening Specials for this first month.

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