5 Natural Remedies For Your Back Pain

By: Spine Specialist Global, Oct 03, 2018
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What are some natural things can you do for a healthier spine?

Back pain can be troublesome to all, most especially to the elderly.  It can be caused by heavy lifting or if you slipped. But other conditions like strains, arthritis, or spine fractures can also lead to back pain. The symptoms of back pain are muscle ache, limited flexibility in motion, or pain that you can feel down to your legs. It can result from a problem with many parts of your body like ligaments, muscles, nerves, or bone structures.

For back pain treatments, there are several approaches you can try. There are also natural treatments to smooth out your back pain.

Back pain can be one of the most frequent reasons why people miss work or can lead to being a disabled person. You can take medications to prevent or relieve most back pain experience.  Common medication requires to focus on biological problems with your back.  But you can also switch over to a simple and natural treatment to properly heal to back pain.

Below are some natural things you can do to keep a healthy spine!

Ease morning pain

If your back pain is intense when you wake up, consider putting a heating pad under the painful part of your back before you get out of bed. The heat warms up your muscles, eases morning stiffness, helps prevent muscle spasms upon movement, and spurs blood flow to the area.

Get regular massages

Massage can promote circulation, ease stress, relax muscles, and boost endorphins the pain relievers naturally produced by the body. Some massage therapists can work in your home. If lying on a padded table sounds too painful, ask about using a massage chair instead. Research has shown that massage does more than just feel good; many people find massage actually helps reduce their back pain.

Have a good laugh with yoga

Laughter increases oxygen intake, reduces stress, and encourages production of endorphins all of which help reduce pain naturally. Laughter yoga programs around the country are designed to help people reduce pain naturally through encouraging laughter. Combining deep breathing exercises typical of yoga with laughter exercises, this type of yoga may be an appealing option if you find other exercises too painful.

Change your sleep position.

If you’re struggling to sleep soundly, try experimenting with different sleep positions. Sleeping in a reclining position can help reduce stress on your lower back. If this is comfortable for you, an adjustable bed may be an option. You can rent one from a medical supply company to see if it helps before you commit to a purchase. Wedge-shaped cushions are another inexpensive and easy way to see if sleeping in a reclining position helps you.

Take a long, hot bath

Don’t underestimate the soothing effects of a hot bath for easing aches and pains. Your muscles may even relax enough to allow some stretching. While a bath is relaxing, some people have trouble falling asleep right afterward. Taking a bath two or three hours before going to bed may be a better option. To maximize the relaxation, consider using a bath cushion to support your back while you’re in the tub.

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