6 Tips to Reduce Your Holiday Stress!

By: Spine Specialist Global Dec 11, 2018
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It’s holiday season once again.

It is a joyful time to reconnect with family and friends. But this season can also be stressful to some. Maybe you are worried about your chronic back pain that’s why you don’t feel that festive spirit.

If you are experiencing chronic pain, the added anxiety and stress brought by the season can intensify the feeling of sadness. But, there are some things which you can do to reduce the holiday stress.

Below is an excerpt of an article that talks about the 18 tips to reduce holiday stress:

  1. Talk with friends on the phone, or over coffee.
  2. Talk with other people who suffer from back pain or chronic pain on the Spine-health forums:
  • Depression Forum
  • Chronic Pain Forum
  1. See your family doctor or psychiatrist—you may have a physiological disorder that requires antidepressants.
  2. Improve your diet and exercise regularly, at least on non-party days. Don’t stress about weight gain at the big family gathering or work holiday party. Having food you enjoy and chatting with friends releases endorphins. Live a little! But on the other days, make sure that you eat in moderation and get at least a half hour of cardiovascular exercise, even if that means nothing more than taking a walk. If you have difficulty with certain types of exercises due to back or neck pain, try these exercise tips for people with back pain.
  3. Seek sunshine – the real thing is best, but if it’s dark and dreary outside, consider investing in a light therapy lamp.
  4. Set realistic goals, and don’t be the ultimate people-pleaser. Decide what’s important and don’t overextend yourself.

This is a season to celebrate. Don’t let the chronic back pain hinder you to enjoy the holidays!

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