5 Signs my elder family member needs home health care

By: Home Care Assistance - Calgary Dec 27, 2018
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What can I look for in their behavior?

There are 5 signs that a family member or loved one needs additional care.

  1. The first and most common sign is falls or loss of balance. This is a senior’s worst enemy.
  2. The second sign poor nutrition or loss of appetite. As you age you lose your sense of taste so preparing a meal can become a chore, thus leading to microwaving a lot of packaged foods.
  3. The third sign can be poor personal hygiene. As we age, brushing, bathing and grooming become increasingly difficult. Without proper hygiene, seniors put themselves at risk for a number of illnesses and injuries.
  4. The fourth sign would be a reluctance to socialize. This is sometimes due to being embarrassed by their condition or disabilities. Withdrawal leads to unhealthy stagnation and can lead to depression.
  5. The fifth and final sign is difficulty concentrating/forgetfulness, this leads to poor judgment and puts loved ones at risk. Forgetfulness that disrupts daily activities is a common sign.

Be more aware and take the time to notice if one or a few of these things are happening to your loved one.  It sometimes can be a slow progression in these signs.  It is good to have a conversation about home care and the benefits of it.

Please contact Home Care Assistance Calgary if you notice any of these common sighs and one of our nurses can assist you.

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