Can an osteopath help with sleeping better?

EUROSTEO provides osteopathy for pain relief in Orleans and the Greater Ottawa area.

Stress, job goals, pressure, family tensions...OMG I want to sleep

Sleeping issues are, indeed complicated, more and more often a problem in the last few decades. Stress, job goals, pressure, family tensions, modern life in general, and modern nutrition are big triggers. Logically, nutrition is one part of the management, and it is or should be an important part of our education ("May your food be your first medicine" said, Hypocrites). Then, for sleep issues, hormone levels, head tension, cranio-sacral techniques are very important and useful.

But remember that no health professional can always do the job alone, without the expertise of other professionals. That's very accurate for sleeping issues.

To make it short, can an osteopath help sleep issues? Yes. 

Christian Albrecht, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

EUROSTEO provides osteopathy for pain relief in Orleans and the Greater Ottawa area. Our osteopathic treatments for pain relief can help you to relieve stress, ease lower back pain, align posture, restore movement and joint motion, and other conditions resulting from injuries or accidents.

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Osteopathy restores your body’s balance and health through gentle hands-on treatment and gets to the root of the problem to address your symptoms and their cause.

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