How to Prepare Your Child for the First Eye Checkup with an Optometrist?

By: Merivale Vision Care, Feb 18, 2019
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Here are some tips that you can use while taking your kiddo for their first eye checkup.

Taking your young one to the doctor and finishing the checkups without a tantrum is like a dream come true. The same applies to an Optometrist.

It does not mean that you avoid making a trip for an eye exam. In fact, it is essential to take your child to an Optometrist at different stages of life. As a parent, it is your responsibility to perform regular eye tests.

To ease your problem, here are some tips that you can use while taking your kiddo for their first eye checkup.

Make a Right Schedule

In all the 12 hours of a day, every kid has a specific time where he feels ill-tempered or gets irritated over small things. Make sure while getting out of the home, it is not the irritable hour. Book an appointment when your kid feels the most active and happiest.

Have Questions Beforehand

Always observe your child’s eye condition first and notice if they complain about their vision or blurriness. Also, write down if there is any kind of a headache your tot feels. Having a list beforehand saves you time and helps your toddler get out of the doctor zone earlier.

Make Sure It Is Child-Friendly

Every eye clinic does not have to be child-friendly. You can ask the doctor if they have experience with kids or check out terms like “family practice.” A kid-friendly clinic can easily be confirmed if there is a play zone and the vibe feels like a child-friendly place.

Also, observe the behaviour of the doctor and staff, see how well they manage kids with their treatments. Do they smile often? Do they seem friendly? Making a little effort beforehand saves you from any hassle during the checkup.

Explain the Process

Do not blindfold your kid from the process. Instead, explain to your child about the process in a friendly way using simple terms. Let them know that there will be letters and shapes that the doctor will ask them to confirm whether or not they can see them. Make it a fun visit to the optometrist rather than a compulsion.

Virtual Tour Eases the Job

Whenever you search for optometrist near me the results often have websites as well. Check them out if there are any videos or images of how the process goes on. Let your child have a look and guide them along.

Let Your Little One Choose

Let your child be a part when it is time to choose the glasses after the eye exam. Ask their opinion and let them pick the ones they like the most. It increases the probability that your little one will wear them comfortably.

Be Cool

While visiting the optometrist in Nepean, respect your toddler’s choices. Do not lose your temper and stay cool because it can only worsen the situation. Do not let them sense any frustration.

The Verdict

Performing checkups of your little one’s eyes are important. Follow the rule “the earlier, the better.” This way ensures your tot’s eyes remain healthy and all these tricks will help you during your visit to the Optometrist.

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