Healing Is Possible

By: Janet Lovegrove - Health and Wellness Consultant Apr 18, 2019
Healing Is Possible, A Life Process Transformation™ Workshop in Cambridge

A Life Process Transformation™ Workshop


Saturday, May 4, 2019, ** 9:30 am to 3:30 pm **


at Langs Community, Health, Wellness Center 1145 Concession Rd, Cambridge, Ontario

Directions: (Click here for Map)

Why attend this workshop?

"Life Process Transformation is not based on any spiritual ideology or religion; it is a way of helping you awaken to your true essence in a way that is simple, honest and natural. It asks you to explore fundamental beliefs about who you are and what life means to you. You won’t be asked to set goals or use willpower but rather guided through a process of self-discovery that is direct and experiential.

An enlightening path that starts from where you are now and evolves.

Viola Fodor, B.Ed., M.Ed., Author & Creator of Life Process Transformation™ Program

Our workshop facilitator has experienced the Life Process Transformation™ Program and is using it with success professionally as a psychotherapist and educator. Please join Janet Lovegrove, Reg. Nurse, Psychotherapist, MSc, CPMHN (Certified Practitioner in Mental Health Nursing) as she presents options for healing from eating disorders and other mental health concerns. Janet will share her story about how she healed from her own eating disorder as well as anxiety and depression, and now helps others to do the same. Drawing from content in the Life Process Transformation™ Program workbook, Janet will also present self-awareness exercises that encourage honest self-examination, quieting the mind, and nurturing the inner self.

Your investment in you is $35.00 per person.

Please RSVP to Esther Etchells, Family & Friends Support group facilitator, via email at eetchells2@gmail.com 

or by calling 519-497-6720.
Morning coffee, tea, and muffins will be provided. Please feel free to bring a lunch or plan to visit neighbourhood restaurants.

Janet Lovegrove - Health And Wellness Consultant in Burlington, ON

Janet Lovegrove Reg. Nurse, BScN, MSc, CPMHN(c)(ON) offers individual and group sessions for people who recognize that they need support, guidance, and practical advice for coping effectively with change in their own lives.  She specializes in helping people cope with many life challenges like stress, depression and/or anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, other related dementia (for persons learning to live with the illness and their care providers), chronic pain and illness.

Also, she is there to help people through grieving the loss of someone, help a person learning to live with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.  Janet is there for her clients to teach them ways of getting out of a worrying habit, or the mind racing out of control.