Do You Travel For Business Or Leisure?

Travel For Business Or Leisure, L’Exquisite Day Spa For Women & Men

If so, you will appreciate this money saving travel platform supported by a wholesale travel agency.

It presents everything that is on the market that is offered by the two monopolies (Booking Holdings and Expedia Group), but at a lower price + exclusives + reward points + a price guarantee of 110% on the difference if you find a better price on hotel, car or a week’s stay.

The customer experience is first class: all under a single page, you can book anything from hotels, cars, flights, cruises, lifestyle with restaurants, wine clubs, tours around the world, as well as theme parks and activities. It is free for you with my access code: it is free to open it, free to use it, just bookmark it and keep it with your own password.

All I need is a cell or email to send you your personal promo access code. 4 simple little steps and your site is ready to be used.

Would you agree to watch an interactive animation that prompted me to share this offer with you? I can send it to you to an email of your choice.
Just email me at and let me know.

Shanette Seipt, the owner of is knowledgeable, highly experienced professional with over 30 years of hands-on experience and plenty of certifications. Helping her clients look and feel their best has been her passion since the beginning. Shanette keeps re-inventing herself by offering you a wide range of the latest services and products.

Whether you're looking to feel better, look more youthful and vibrant, want glowing skin, kick start your slimming program, detox your body or just want some YOU time, L'Exquisite is the place for you.

Your spa experience will be in a beautiful private and relaxing beauty house away from the hustle and bustle of everyday's life. Enjoy the warm personal attention and pampering you deserve. Just relax while she works her magic to help you look and feel your best, and to achieve your goals.

Shanette's key phrase has always been Be a Perfect “10”

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