The Physics of keeping Exercise in your life!

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The laws of physics and staying in motion

When it comes to eating well and exercise, my patterns seem to follow the laws of physics, more specifically, inertia. When I’m in a good routine and feeling great, making the choice to eat well, go to the gym, or out for a run, seems like an easy decision. It’s a fantastic state to be in. I try and revel in it because I know it’s not a constant state.

I can keep on the same track in the same positive direction until some force changes my direction or slows me down. That’s when Sir Issac Newton’s first law of physics tends to kick in:

1. An object at rest tends to stay at rest

It’s when our routines are disrupted, there is a change in our daily life, or we are dealing with an injury or discomfort that makes the choice a little more difficult. Making the decision to get out the door and workout becomes rather difficult and I can come up with so many reasons to stay in bed or skip exercise or take care of others first. A workout just does not happen.

I’ve worked hard and had the opportunity to build a system around myself to avoid the scenario of living a sedentary life. It has meant some difficult and dramatic changes in my career choices. Not everyone wants to or can make those types of choices. I knew that it was something I needed to do for my own health. It’s Sir Issac Newton’s second law of physics that I use:

2. An object in motion tends to stay in motion

That’s where the personal training industry has really helped me out. Talking to other trainers or even those who have questions for me become the nudge that keeps me going in a positive direction. It’s getting out there and moving.

It’s often the first step that is the hardest, whether that be rolling out of bed early, walking through the gym doors, joining the group fitness class, asking for help. There can certainly be difficulties along the way but once you start to move, the choice to continue moving becomes easier.

What makes it more fun is if a friend joins in. The added energy helps to keep things going. Make a commitment to others to keep moving. Beyond all the reasons that brought me into this industry, that is what has kept me accountable and committed to staying in motion.

Written by Fit 'N' Well Personal Trainer, Annissa Brodie

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