The Science Behind Working Out and Gummy Bears

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The Science behind Gummy Bears and working out.

I love reading fitness articles that are based on science. Everybody is a little different so finding ways to make the science work for you and your goals can bring about interesting results and ideas. I came across an information from someone I appreciate as a sound, science based personal trainer, Russ Howe, and it brought a huge smile to my face.

What was it about?

Gummy Bears. Yes, really.

There have been different recommendations of what to do after a hard work out. Eat a bowl of pasta, drink chocolate milk, stick with a protein shake, or you can find a whole long list of best practices on Google. Each recommendation will have it’s benefits and reason for why it works. The goal is mainly to bring nourishment back into the cells that need it.

Ross Howe explained that Harbiro Gummy Bears can be the best way to quickly replenish the resources your cells have used up during your workout. 

It’s a fun way to give your body what it needs at that moment. If you follow a specific diet or eat “clean,” this may not work for you, but he also addresses that in a blunt science backed explanation. It’s about finding a way to nourish the body, without being excessively restrictive. Like others, when I even think about restrictions to my diet, it’s all I think about and becomes the focus of my day. It doesn’t work for me and it backfires in a big way.

Finding ways to make the science of exercise work for you is the fun part. If that is not your idea of fun, then have a chat with a personal trainer. I think if you let them, they could talk to you about it all day long, perhaps over gummy bears.


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