Anxiety and Stranger Things

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The Lessons Stranger Things Provides about Anxiety

Don’t you love it when you can learn about life’s great lessons from Netflix?

You may or may not be a fan of the show “Stranger Things”. If you are, you probably had a tear in your eye listening to Hopper’s letter to El. If you’re not, I am urging you to take five minutes out of your day and watch Season Three, Episode Eight from 1:05:35 – 1:10:12.

In five minutes, Hopper’s character summarizes some of the most important aspects of living life to the fullest, including accepting that things are sometimes painful, and the importance of coming out of “the cave” to really participate in life, despite your fears and anxiety.

He says:

Change is Constant

Everything is changing all the time. Trying or hoping that things will remain the same is a waste of energy. The sooner you can accept change and learn to live with it, the happier you will be.

Pain is Inevitable

Without pain, we cannot know joy. Accepting pain and loss, facing and working through those emotions allows us to move through them. Eventually, we can move past them and back into happiness.

Face your Feelings

Many of us lock away painful feelings or use poor coping mechanisms to numb them, instead of sharing them with family and/or friends. It’s important to spend time talking and sharing with people you trust. Social interaction is a critical part of good physical and mental health.

Life is full of many experiences – get out there and experience them – the good, the bad and everything in between. When things get rough, remember to ask for help and share your challenges. Access all of the love and support that is available to you.

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