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Acupuncture for Stress Management

Did you know that acupuncture is a useful tool for stress management?

An acupuncturist can select specific acupuncture points to instil calmness, improve sleep and energy. They will perform an intake, and individualize a treatment plan for you. A series of 6-10 half-hour sessions follow weekly, then every 2-4 weeks. Many people enjoy monthly maintenance sessions thereafter. You may feel a difference immediately, and you can see a difference if you use acupuncture with biofeedback. One biofeedback tool is Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which records your heart rate rhythm.  You will see it normalize from session to session.

Does acupuncture hurt?

Acupuncture is the use of very thin needles (as thin as a hair) which are inserted into specific meridian points. You may feel a quick prick, like an insect bite, and it should not be painful. Natalie Cheng-Kai-On is a Registered Acupuncturist and Licensed Naturopathic Doctor.

Naturopathic Doctor in Unionville, ON

Dr. Natalie Cheng-Kai-On, ND, RAc is a naturopathic doctor that provides fertility and hormone therapy through natural remedies like acupuncture and hypnosis to establish optimal health. Dr. Natalie Cheng-Kai-On’s fertility clinic serves patients in Unionville, Markham, and surrounding areas.

When working on natural stress reduction this also helps with weight loss, digestive health, fertility, and overall women’s health. As a naturopath, Dr. Natalie Cheng-Kai-On also offers services such as detox, Digestive health remedies, IV therapy, Food Sensitivity Test, Weight loss, Natural Hormone Therapy, Acupuncture, Fertility, Women’s health and more.

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