Do You Suffer from Sciatic Nerve Pain?

By: Cardinal Points Clinic, Dec 20, 2019
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There are many conditions that mimic sciatic nerve pain.

Do you suffer from Sciatic Nerve Pain?

Osteopathy is an effective and natural form of hands-on treatment that focuses on realigning the body and reducing pain. One of the most common conditions Osteopathy seeks to treat is Sciatic nerve pain.

What is Sciatica?

The Sciatic Nerve is the largest nerve in the entire body. It leaves the body from the Sacrum and then travels through the hip, under the glutes and down the backs of the legs. When the Sciatic nerve becomes impinged – This is called Sciatica. It is normally accompanied with a sharp, burning pain or numbness that travels down the back of the legs.

It is important to differentiate between true Sciatica and false or Psuedo-Sciatica.

There are many conditions that mimic sciatic nerve pain. Many people think that just because they have a sharp pain that travels down the back of the butt or leg – that this is caused by the Sciatic Nerve. This could not be further from the truth!

True sciatic nerve pain is commonly caused by a slipped disc in the spine. When a disc herniates – the jelly-like interior starts to bulge and presses on the nerve roots or spinal cord. When this occurs it often sends numbness, tingling, or sharp burning pain down the glutes and backs of the legs to the feet. This is one example of sciatica caused by a disc herniation.

Sciatica can also be caused by Osteoarthritis of the spine, or through poor biomechanics. If the hips or sacroiliac joint is out of place – or if the body is stuck in poor posture, chronically compensating – Sciatic nerve entrapment may occur and you may feel burning pain down from the butt to the backs of the legs.

This being said – Just because you have pain down the butt and legs doesn’t mean you have Sciatica! There are many other things that can cause sciatic-like pain. This is often called “Psuedo-Sciatica”.

Some common cause of Psuedo-Sciatica may include:

  • Piriformis Syndrome.
  • Spasm of any of the Glute muscles.
  • S.I. Joint Pain
  • Tight I.T. Band – May have a pain referral pattern that is almost exactly the same as sciatica.
  • Multifidus or Paraspinal muscle trigger points may cause radiating pain down the legs
  • Pulled Low Back Muscles

What can Osteopathy do to Help?

Osteopathy can help both Sciatica and Psuedo-Sciatica by helping to realign the bones of the spine and hips. This may help to relieve pressure from the Sciatic Nerve. Osteopathic Techniques may also reduce pain and inflammation, or release the muscles or soft tissues that are pressing on the nerves. In the case of Sciatica caused by disc herniations – Osteopathy may help to reduce the inflammation around the spine and nerve roots, as well as to increase fluid circulation to speed up healing and recovery of the disc itself.

Do you or does anyone you know suffer from Sciatica?


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