How To Decrease Knee Pain From Osteoarthritis?

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How does Global Physiotherapy help decrease knee pain from osteoarthritis?

Sherwood Park Physiotherapist Cindy Coneen looks at knee pain as part of the back and entire leg complex. Osteoarthritis changes start with decreased cartilage thickness. Pain can come from the bone under the cartilage, the supporting ligaments and the muscles that support the knee. Osteoarthritis takes time to show up on an x ray image. Your body has been changing how you move for a period of months or years as you started to experience knee pain. Physical symptoms may include:

  • Inflammation and movement limitations in a weight-bearing joint: hip and knee
  • Muscle pain in areas above and below the painful joint
  • Back pain is usually present, at least intermittently

A Global Assessment starts with a posture exam and movement tests for the back, hip, knee and ankle. Changes in body position as well as staying in one position often increase knee pain. Your mobility and strength that assist you to change positions will be tested while you monitor your knee pain. Specific physiotherapy tests for each area are chosen to look at your movement habits that can cause knee pain when you stand, walk, kneel, sit, drive, or get in and out of a car.

Global Physiotherapy Treatments

The Global Physiotherapy treatment strategy is to decrease your pain, help prevent the osteoarthritis changes from progressing and teach you a long term exercise strategy to improve your activity. Although your x ray may show osteoarthritis, you can have less pain and improve your activity tolerance with the unique treatments offered by Cindy at Global Physiotherapy.

  • Global Physiotherapy can offer a detailed IMS or physiotherapy assessment of the multiple causes of your joint pain
  • Regenerative Photonic Therapy helps the tissues to heal
  • Exercises promote stronger muscles and ligaments

Laser and Regenerative Photon Therapy for Osteoarthritis

Knee arthritis treatment - Osteoarthritis physiotherapy sherwood parkSpecific exercises and the unique osteoarthritis treatment protocol from Global Physiotherapy will get you moving with less pain. Laser and Regenerative Photon TherapyTM uses infrared laser therapy combined with a specific sequence of red and infrared light probes programmed to activate the regeneration and self-healing processes within abnormal cells and tissues. Your treatment will begin with targeted laser and Regenerative Photon Therapy to promote healing and relieve pain. Immediately after, you will have less pain and be able to exercise to improve the strength of your healing tissue and the strength of the muscles. A clinical study of this protocol was recently completed in Toronto, Ontario. The participants showed an improvement of 80% in their pain level and a 50% improvement in the ability to do activities.


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