The Importance of Body Connection

By: ReallyWell, Jan 21, 2020
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Body Connection for Healing

Because all healing is in relation to another touch is a fundamental contact because of the body stores memory in its tissues.

Fascia allows the flow of all communications because the body and mind are completely inseparable (established by science… the body-mind principle) what affects one affects the other.

That is why gentle and connected touch that prompts the body is so powerful and such a great door into the healing process.

The greatest healing tool is the body itself Bowen First catalyses the Healing response of the body, accelerating it, without interfering with it. It summons the body’s ability to integrate “new states” of repair into its restorative network (current fascial research) Bowen First helps integrate the “separated” part of the body due to trauma, injury or repetitive strain, and scar tissue to rewire with the rest of the body Bowen First allows the body to REBOOT itself.

Bowen Therapy in Aurora, Ontario

ReallyWell provides Bowen therapy services as well as Emmett, Litios Light Crystals, McLoughlin - Scar Tissue Release, and Spectrahue Chromotherapy. ReallyWell serves patients in Aurora, ON and surrounding areas including Vaughan, Newmarket and North Toronto. Bowen therapy helps patients achieve body healing, mindfulness, and optimise their body to full working condition.

Our Bowen therapists help patients to achieve pain relief for sciatica nerve pain, back pain relief, stress relief, and musculoskeletal spasm treatment.

Emmett, Litios Light Crystals and McLoughlin - Scar Tissue Release

Our clinic aims to achieve a long-lasting difference with our client's overall bodywork care. Our services aim to ease pain and discomfort, treat chronic & acute pain, injuries, and imbalances. Bowen therapy can also help the patients to improve body function for personal training, it can help in training and improving competitive athlete performance. The most important element of our practice is we offer a great health benefit to our patients.

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