Strengthen Your Immune System with Food to Fight COVID-19!

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What are the foods I can consume to strengthen my immune system against the Covid 19 virus?

To improve your immune system to avoid the covid 19 virus, I would recommend that you drink a lot of water. This will remind you to go to the bathroom regularly. When you go to the bathroom, wash your hands really well with soap and warm water for 20 seconds each time. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night, don’t drink alcohol to excess. Stick to a drink or two on a weekend or have no alcohol at all. And eat a variety of vegetables at each meal. Eat fruits, consume nuts, legumes and beans, avoid processed foods, limit animal proteins and exercise for at least half an hour every day.

Just because you eat a few vegetables for a few weeks, that isn’t going to give your immune system super-human powers. Especially if your body is used to eating fast food and processed food that is void a lot of essential vitamins and minerals. It can take months and even years of constant healthy nutritionally sound eating and great exercise habits to really make a huge impact on your health. Start eating your vegetables and fruits and nuts, seeds and whole grains today and keep eating them every day. And as you develop better eating habits you will crave healthier choices. As you continue to make healthier eating decisions your immune system may continue to improve, but that won’t happen overnight. This process is just that it is a process. It will continue for many years to come. Feed your body properly and this will give your health a chance to continue improving. And you will need to continue with this healthy lifestyle so you not only have a stronger immunity against covid 19 but against cancer, the common flu, common cold or the next super-virus that affects the world’s population. Not to mention your risk of heart disease goes down dramatically as does heart-related diseases such as diabetes, gout and other obesity-related diseases.

If you do all of these things will you still get the virus?

Yes, if you are exposed to it and you have a strong immune system, you may still get sick, but thanks to your lifestyle choices you will likely get over this virus or the next one quicker. And the longer you have been living a healthy lifestyle the better chance you have of getting over it more quickly.

You can cram for a biology final on your last weekend in high school and it is possible you will pass or even get a good grade. You can’t cram for great health in a weekend any more than a farmer can cultivate, seed, weed and harvest a crop of corn in a weekend.

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