Are You Stressed?

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How can you tell if you're stressed?

Your body will let you know. We have a stress hormone called cortisol which elevates our heart rate, reduces or at times increases appetite, makes us feel the "flight or fight urge" with an all around increase in our adrenalin. Acute stress is a very helpful primitive function within our bodies, however chronic stress can cause problems to our gene expression also known as our phenotype or RNA.

Counselling & Psychotherapy in Edmonton, AB

Allegro Counselling in Edmonton, AB offers psychological services including couples counselling, marriage counselling, family and individual counselling to help patients create positive outcomes in their life. If you're suffering from depression, anxiety, or personality disorder, Allegro Counselling can help you achieve your goals.

Couples Counselling, Marriage Counselling, and Family Counselling

The various mental health concerns that we treat includes but not limited to bereavement, trauma, career counselling, weight loss, eating disorders, smoking cessation, separation and divorce, parenting, and addictions.

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