Hypnosis for Pain Management

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Can I use hypnosis for pain management?

Yes, Clinical Hypnosis can help with pain management. The brain is the processor of all pain, receiving the signals to experience it from the rest of the body. Hypnosis helps move the body out of a state of alarm, allowing the brain to pay less attention to potential signals of tissues damage. Trance stimulates serotonin and noradrenaline.

These chemicals naturally slow the transmission of pain signals. It also stimulates natural anesthetics such as endorphines and enkephalins. If it is psychosomatic pain, hypnosis can be beneficial to release those mental blocks creating the issue.

Hypnotist in Newmarket, ON

Secret Success Hypnosis Clinic offers hypnosis programs that improve client’s fitness, mental health, self-care, motivation and healing trance serving Newmarket, ON and other surrounding areas. There are also hypnosis programs offered for smoking cessation, relationship counselling, phobias, hypnobirthing, pain management, better sleep, break bad habits and self-confidence.

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Secret Success Hypnosis Clinic is managed by Johanna Dinsdale, a Behaviour Therapy Specialist, Writer, Social Activist, and Clinical Hypnotist. She dedicated her years of study into understanding the human nature and complexity of the mind. She began her background with applied sciences, behavior analysis and psychology. Johanna is well-known for her dedication to the evidence-based approach to hypnotism and she only utilises the highest quality of methods known during each session. She specialises in people who had no previous experience with hypnosis.