Tips and tricks for weight loss

By: May 20, 2009

Is your weight loss stuck in neutral? Try these suggestions to kick your metabolism back into high gear!

It happens to the best of us. You’ve been following a healthy eating plan and have been steadily losing weight when suddenly your weight loss comes screeching to a halt.

Reaching a weight loss plateau isn’t uncommon. After several months of losing weight, it’s normal to stop losing weight at the same rate. But if you’ve hit a plateau before you’ve reached your goal, it can be frustrating – and make you want to throw in the towel.

Don’t give up, though! You can bust through a weight loss plateau and continue to see the pounds come off. If your weight loss has slowed down, here are a few tips and tricks to help you get back on track:

Write it down: Your weight loss may have plateaued because you’re overestimating the amount you’re eating (or the amount of “treats” you’re allowing yourself). Get back on track by keeping a food log or journal. Experts agree that keeping track of what you eat keeps you on your healthy eating plan and makes you less likely to go overboard on calories.

Kick it up a notch: Bust through a weight loss plateau by taking your workout to the next level.  Try increasing the intensity of your workouts, or change it up and try something different. For example, if you usually run, take a spinning class instead. Or if you’ve been lifting weights, why not try a Crossfit class or boot camp to try something new and challenging.

Be mindful about your snacking: If you love to plop on the couch at night and plow through a bag of chips, it’s time to start becoming more aware of what you’re eating. Watch what triggers your urge to snack and try and break out of that routine. For example, instead of watching TV or hitting the computer, why not go for a walk or read a book instead? If you change your snacking routines, you may be able to stop yourself from eating mindlessly.

Recommit to healthy eating: Sometimes, we get so sick of dieting, calorie counting and being “good,” we don’t realize we’ve slid back into some of our unhealthy habits. Recognize the areas where your diet has slipped and make a renewed commitment to healthy eating. Just look at how much weight you’ve lost already – don’t let that slide out the door! Instead, remember all those reasons why you wanted to lose weight in the first place and dive right back in to your healthy eating plan.