Natural ways to boost your fertility

By: Jun 27, 2011

Tips for you and your partner to improve your chances of conceiving.

If you are trying to get pregnant, it’s easy to be overzealous about well, just about everything. Everything from, “What do I eat?” to “How often and when should we be trying?” to “What’s wrong with me?” to “What foods and activities do I avoid?” are weighing heavily on your mind. Essentially, what it all boils down to is this, “How do I get pregnant faster?” While there are some aspects of the whole “getting pregnant” process that you can’t control, there are things that you can do to improve your chances.

There are of course, fertility drugs, experimental procedures and bizarre suggestions that you find on the Internet like eating blowfish scales or ground skunk glands – these are of course expensive and sometimes just repulsive. Having a baby is a great adventure, but you don’t want to wreck your body with crazy fertility treatments before it has to support another life besides your own. You may prefer, if you’re not desperate anyway, some more natural methods that are a bit easier to work into your daily routine.

One of the easiest ways to increase your chances of getting pregnant is to keep track of when you are more fertile. At certain times of the month, you are, for lack of a more graceful terminology,“eligible” to get pregnant. Keep a calendar of your menstrual cycle, and mark your ovulation – you can do this by speculation, or by purchasing a fertility monitor that allows you to test your own fertility. It is generally about halfway through a 28-day cycle that you are the most fertile.

A healthy diet helps your fertility, specifically a diet rich in vitamin C. Too much fat in your diet or on your body lowers your sex hormone levels. Vitamins D, vitamin C and zinc are good for sperm levels, so make sure that your partner is eating right too. You can’t be the only one shouldering the burden of increasing your fertility – never forget that this is a joint effort. Both of you must be in good health, which means eating right.

Avoid drinking too much alcohol if you are trying to get pregnant. Alcohol affects both fertility and sperm production, so this is a cutback to make together. Too much caffeine can also adversely affect your fertility levels, and sperm count too – so drastically reduce or eliminate caffeine. And this means no soda, limit your intake of tea and coffee. Also, if you are trying to have a baby, now would be the time to eat organic. Foods grown with or sprayed with chemicals are harmful to us all, especially to you if you are trying to get pregnant.

If either your partner or you smokes, stop! Nicotine and tar drastically lower sperm count and fertility. Quitting is good for your overall health and doing so can immediately boost your chances of getting pregnant.

As Frankie Used to Say (in the 1980s) Relax!
Although you are anxious and it’s more than understandable, try if you can to enjoy your life. Relax! Take time to do other things besides agonizing over the fact that you aren’t pregnant. Your state of mind can really have an outcome on whether you get pregnant and how long it will take.

This set of diet restrictions, in combination with moderate exercise for both parties, is a great way to boost fertility. Remember that having a baby is a team sport from start to finish, and supporting each other in the endeavor is a great way to make sure you’re making the right choices as a couple to get close to the desired result: a baby.