Bathing suits for your body type

By: Jun 17, 2011
bathing suit

Bikini, tankini or one-piece, there is a bathing suit out there for you!

Summer is just around the corner; can you hear it calling you to the barbeques, beaches and pool parties? It’s time to go shopping for a bathing suit or two or three. But not just any old bathing suit, after all you want to be mindful of not just what is cute and in fashion, but also what works with your body shape.

Not all that long ago, bathing suit makers believed in the one size fits all approach. Clothing store shelves were stocked with either bikinis or one piece suites in assorted colors and somehow you were lucky if you found one that flattered your body. Whether you were small on top, carried a little extra around your middle or had more thighs to love than your mother, it was really hit or miss and very limited. Thankfully those days are gone – hopefully forever!

The perfect suit for your perfect body in 3 steps:

  1. Figure out you body type
  2. Know what will flatter your body type
  3. Knowing that it works for your body shape, buy it, wear it and show it off!

To determine your body type:

Stand in front of the mirror and without being critical, assess the shape of your body. You should fall into these categories:

  • Rectangle
  • Triangle
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Hourglass

If your shoulders are broad, your hips and bust are the same size, and your waist is not the first thing people notice about you, then you are a rectangle.

To flatter your rectangle figure:
Ruffles, suits that are accented with jewelry and or big designs will flatter an otherwise boxy figure. To draw attention to your hips/bust and away from your shoulders, your two-piece can tie in the front, between your breasts and around your neck (rather than over your shoulders to your back). If you prefer one pieces, by all means consider a high legged one. It will draw attention to your not so curvy hips, while showing off your athletic side. The key to having a rectangular body is, don’t be afraid to be bold! You have worked hard for your athletic body; show it off!

If your bust is smaller than your hips, booty and your thighs, you are a triangle.

To flatter your triangle figure:
Rather than dwell on having a little more to pinch than your friends with fewer curves, work with them. First of all, thanks to celebrities who proudly display their “junk in the trunk,” you should too. Although you can choose to camouflage them, unless you are either drastically disproportionate, more pounds overweight than you are comfortable discussing or truly self-conscious, a bold pattern that will show of your “bootylicious” curves are in order. To draw more attention to an otherwise tiny chest, you can fool people by wearing a different pattern on top than on the bottom. A top that is low cut will also draw attention to your chest and away from your “junk.” If however, you feel the need to cover up the junk, by all means go for black on the bottom, a one-piece suit and adorn either with a skort. Tankinis, you will find, are your best friend.

If you are well endowed on top and have minimal junk in the trunk, you are what is known as an inverted triangle.

To flatter your inverted triangle figure:
While support is the name of the game up top (an underwire should do you just fine), the style and color will depend as much on your personality as it will your body shape. If you are proud to show off your girls, by all means the bolder the color the better. If on the other hand you prefer to keep them well hidden, black is your best friend! To minimize attention up top even further, choose a bright and bold color on your bottom. By all means accessorize your bottom with either bold patterns, strings or jewelry. If you are opting for a one piece, by all means get one with a high cut leg to show off your “assets”.

Few women, even celebrities, are in fact hourglass shaped. If you are, it is easy to shop for everything as this means your hips and bust are the same size and your waist is well defined.

To flatter your hourglass figure:
For you, the sky’s the limit! String biknis, one-pieces, tankinis, plain, bold, patterned, with or without jewelry will all depend on your personality more so than your figure. The exception to this is if your girls are well endowed. If that’s the case, underwire and something with full coverage will suit you better. Unlike women with other shapes who can pull off a different top and bottom, for you, why bother? They’re doing so to enhance what they don’t have and minimize what they have too much of. In your case, uniformity will be your friend.

Now that you know precisely what to wear this summer, find the sales and buy several different ones. You want to assume that you will be invited to several beach outings and pool parties. So variety is the key here but you don’t have to break the bank to do this. Have fun and don’t forget the sunblock!