Humidity not humility

By: Jul 15, 2011

Heat and humidity can cause havoc on your hair, makeup and outfit. Here are some tips to keep you looking your best all summer long.

Just because the weather is humid doesn’t mean you can’t look the temperature - hot. Everyone knows that humidity wrecks havoc on your hair, your make up and your overall complexion. So how do you keep cool and stay looking hot under all that heat? Summer means friends, fashion, and fun under the sun - so don’t let the weather get you down! Here are a few tips and tricks to keep you looking hot and feeling cool - humidity doesn’t have to make you feel humility. Be the goddess you are, even in the heat.

Make Up
Primers are a bit overrated in the winter when make up is going to freeze to your face no matter what, but in the humid weather, primers are your friend. Apply eyelid primer, cheek primer and lip primer. The smooth, moisturized skin that comes from a primer makes a more absorbent base for your foundation and bronzer - both of which should be applied with a light hand. Loose mineral powders work best.

For your eyes, try one bright, exciting color rather than a blend of neutrals. Fewer layers, brighter colors, both around your eyes and on your cheeks make you look younger and more full of life! Using a shimmery pressed mineral powder to reduce oil is nice for a youthful glow. A sheer lip shimmer is better than a a cake-y lipstick, which will not only melt, but also stand out on your sheer glowing face.

The final tip that applies to all of your make up choices is to use waterproof make up. Though it is more of a pain to get off, it will stay put better, and even if (as per the worst case scenario) you do sweat and have to dab it off, it won’t smudge.

Keep you hair moisturized. Whether you use deep conditioning treatments, spray in conditioner, or full on moisturizing treatments, keeping hair happy and moisturized keeps it denser, therefore making it less likely to respond as strongly to humidity. Also, give your hair a lot of volume to start with, even approaching a controlled, smoothed frizz look to combat the obnoxious effects of humidity. Lots of volume helps to sort of “blend” the negative affects of humidity and make them less noticeable. Styles which remain fairly impervious to humidity are side ponytails and loose braids. If you have ethnic and therefor highly textured hair, creams work better than gels.

Amp up the deodorant. Use a step up from what you usually use, and try a dry powder deodorant versus a gel. Also, wear flowing sleeves over tight sleeve or sleeveless tops. If you are going to sweat anyway, wear flowing sleeves will hide sweat rather than tight fitting or no sleeve, both of which will show sweat. Baby powder and corn starch also help to dry your underarms.

Try flowing skirts over shorts, especially over short-shorts - they can easily chafe if you sweat. Flowing skirts are feminine, fun and the moving lines give your body a lively swing to it.