Fitness Craze: Boxing

By: Aug 19, 2011

Learn more about this fun and effective workout!

Boxing is all the rage right now. Not the real sport of course - who wants to duke it out with the likely conclusion of either a concussion or a few broken teeth? - but rather, boxing as an exercise routine to achieve and maintain physical fitness. Boxing to stay physically fit likely evolved in the late 90s or early 2000s from Tae-Bo, the peppy dance combination boxing fusion workout craze. Just why has boxing become so popular and what are its health benefits? Could boxing work its wonders on you?

Boxing Workouts
The sport of boxing has been modified and broken down into its basic motions, which have been rearranged to form a few different types of workouts. Kick boxing and aero boxing are the most popular. These workouts are available in the form of fitness classes offered by health clubs and community centers, as well as on DVD. Signing up for a class, although more expensive than a DVD, can be worth the the extra outlay of cash. Having an instructor show you the correct moves can prevent injury and allow your body to get the most out of this intense workout.

Kick Boxing
Kick boxing became the first popular modification of traditional boxing, and for obvious reasons, too. It does wonders for a person’s butt, abs, thighs and it strengthens the cardiovascular system as well. Repetitive, low resistance movement makes for toning rather than building all the places people are self conscious about. A little bit goes a long way when it comes to kick boxing. A 20 to 30 minute workout will achieve all the muscle toning and cardiovascular benefits needed to lose weight and stay in shape.

Aero Boxing
Aero boxing, the more recent popular alteration to the sport of boxing, focuses more on improving your coordination and endurance through an aerobic set of exercises. Considered to be a little less efficient for toning than kick boxing, however, Aero boxing offers a little more weight loss and overall health benefit to its practitioners. A half hour of aero boxing is equivalent to a full hour’s workout in the gym. This makes it appealing to busy people, or people who don’t like working out, who want all the benefits of a good workout in half the time.

Whether you are working out in a class or with a DVD, it is easy to push yourself, because the motions in boxing are fun and recognizable. Unlike pilates or yoga, which can force bodies into strange and uncomfortable positions, the motions a body experiences in boxing make sense given their fluidity. Of course, an added benefit is that boxing can also serve as self- defense training.

Regardless which style of boxing you choose, or maybe both appeal to you, both types of boxing workouts, and other fusion martial arts are a fun way to jazz up your workout routine, and burn some major calories in the meantime! Check your local fitness center or community center to see if beginner classes are available and start boxing tomorrow!