Keeping weekends stress free and fun

By: Aug 26, 2011
stress free weekends

Between groceries, errands and housework the weekends can often be more stressful than enjoyable. Here are some tips to make more of your weekends.

Life is hectic and the chores never seem to end. What we can't get to during the week gets pushed to the weekend where we stumble over ourselves trying to get the list whittled back down. Some people even dread the weekend with its high stress demands, preferring to be at work where at least there are definite times set aside for a break or two. So what about work is less stressful than being at home? Probably having a schedule and a sense of knowing what to expect would help. Weekends should never be the focus of dread and de-stressing is vitally important to good health and balance.

Errands are inevitable and even necessary but 'me time' is every bit as needed and not always guaranteed. It is often our own duty to secure this valuable space in our lives and as difficult as this may be, it can't be ignored. There are ways to steal these precious moments for ourselves however and some are easier to winnow in than you might imagine.

Start The Weekend With You
Make sure you give yourself enough time in the mornings to enjoy a second cup of coffee or tea as you browse the newspaper or your favorite online publication. You need not engage in political debates the moment you open your eyes but give your brain something to chew on so it can start the juices flowing, too. Eating a good breakfast can also help kick-start the metabolism and the day.

Many swear exercise is the key to happiness and it certainly has the medical proof to back it up. A simple and brisk walk around the neighborhood is an excellent way to get the whole body working, including the brain, and reduce stress the rest of the day.

Break It Up
Some think the best way to tackle a list of chores is to tear through it a frenetic pace until it has been completed and for some that may work. For many of us though it helps to take a small and measurable break between a couple of chores to give some attention to ourselves. For example, after a job well done, reward yourself with a chapter of your favorite book or an article from your favorite magazine (webzine or paper, either will do just fine). Make sure you do stop with just that treat and get back to the chores, though.

Smell of Success
Aromatherapy can help de-stress and revitalize with scent alone. Candles and plug-ins are very popular methods for achieving a Zen state through smell but there are quite a few alternatives as well, including infused reeds and flame-warmed oil. If your errands are in the home you may want to take advantage of aromatherapy to help reduce stress while you work.

Music Soothes the Savage Beast
Music is an amazing way to put pep in your step, loosen up and get more things done. Singing along with your favorites and shaking your body to a good beat is a fantastic way to de-stress and have more fun with the chores. Taking a break from strenuous activities like those done outdoors and rocking out for a song or two can truly help to relax and re-energize.

Schedule the Tasks
Parents don't forget to include the kids with the chores. A schedule of who does what and on which day can dramatically cut back on tasks needing to be done on the weekend. It also involves the entire family and imparts a sense of responsibility to your children.

And of course, all tasks are better when done with a friend or family member. The unenviable chore of grocery shopping can be made many times less painful if a friend can accompany you. Help with carrying in and putting away groceries removes a heap of stress as well, so if it can be arranged have someone waiting at home to help.

The biggest and best way to relieve stress in conjunction with chores is your mind set. Try a positive attitude and put on a smile. Snap, the job is a game!