The 5 worst breakfast choices

By: Sep 14, 2011
bad breakfast food

You'll want to steer clear of these unhealthy breakfast options.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While that may be true, loading up on sugar, saturated fats and carbohydrates may not be what they had in mind when they deemed it “important”. Nevertheless, for many people who lead busy lives, finding the time to eat healthy in the morning is simply a challenge. For others, It seems that no matter how good the intention, they simply do not know what to eat. Luckily, there are some alternatives for the five worst breakfast choices that are not only good tasting, but also, good for you. 

Gas Station Goodies

Okay, we all have been guilty at one time or another of eating these no no’s. They know who they are- cinnamon buns, cheese danishes, donuts and anything that looks gooey, chewy and fun at 7 a.m. Maybe it’s how they are displayed-  they are tempting indeed. Unfortunately, they are definitely one of the five worst breakfast choices. Danishes are loaded in saturated fats and empty calories. Even if they are delivered fresh, the amount of sugar in just one is staggering. Avoid them at all costs. As a healthy alternative, try to grab a granola bar or even a power bar. They are still quick, convenient and a much healthier choice.

Coffee Drinks

Another worst breakfast choice that may surprise you is the ever popular coffee drink. Whatever happened to a simple cup of coffee? No one really knows for sure as coffee drinks have mutated into something more like milkshakes with a coffee kick. Nevertheless, we love them! The bad news is that coffee drinks are terribly misunderstood and are not an effective substitution for breakfast. Some coffee drinks have close to 600 calories! At this rate, you could have had the danish and called it a day. If you must have your cup of Joe in the morning, that’s fine. You and millions of others, but steer clear of the vanilla mocha latte with whipped cream and opt for a large regular instead.

Fast Food Breakfast Sandwich

Ever so tempting, fast food breakfast sandwiches are easily one of the worst breakfast choices. In fact, they are simply high cholesterol wrapped in foil. Besides, no matter how much they look like the real thing, they are not. If you have the time, you are much better off making your own sandwich at home.Throw an egg and some salsa on a whole wheat English muffin, top it with low-fat cheese and you can save more than half the calories over the fast food version.

Home fries, Hash browns…Smothered, Covered and Chunked… No Way!

Remember this on Sunday mornings when you hit the breakfast resteraunts. You can still eat breakfast out and make healthy choices. Opt for eggs and fruit without the home fries. Hash brown potatoes are nothing but butter, oil and grease from the grill. Just say no to potatoes and you can still join your friends, but fill up on muscle building proteins instead of high carbohydrate fats.

Instant Oatmeal

Now I know what some of you are thinking. Oatmeal is generally a great breakfast choice. However, there are some real problems with the instant, flavored varieties, making it one of the worst breakfast choices. First of all, the fruit is artificial and dried, the cereal is loaded with sugars and the portion size is relatively small for the amount of calories you consume. For a healthier alternative and to gain the benefits from oats, try the old fashioned Quaker version. These are unflavored, but you can always add a spoonful of honey to get the taste you like.

Remember, these are only five of the worst breakfast choices. There are many more in the middle and even more that are great tasting, healthy and convenient. Breakfast is the first chance your body has to fuel up for the day. Avoid high carbohydrate, high sugar items and instead, opt for healthier, more satisfying foods. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day- make it worth it.