6 Bad habits to break

By: Sep 26, 2011
bad habits to break

It's time to change these unhealthy habits. Don't worry, we've got some tips to make it easier.

Call them vices, stress reducers, whatever you prefer. They’re still bad habits. Fortunately- or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, everyone’s got them and everyone’s looking for a way to break their bad habit. For some of us, bad habits have become a part of who we are, like extreme tanning or drinking cola. For others, bad habits are a consequence of the daily grind, leading us to have a smoke or a drink after a tough work day. Regardless, there are several very compelling reasons why we need to break our bad habits before they do more damage.

Sleeping Pills

Sleeping pills are not just for movie stars anymore. In fact, millions of North Americans use them in one form or another to aid everything from insomnia to boredom. As a result of gaining acceptance in many social circles, sleeping pill addiction has been overlooked. While you may not consider daily use of sleeping pills, an addiction, it may still qualify as a bad habit that needs to be discontinued. Consider this- if you don’t break the habit now you could end up depending on sleeping pills just to get to sleep at all. Besides, these pills were made to enhance regular sleeping, not replace it.

Binge Drinking

For many people, binge drinking may have grown into a habit after years of abusing alcohol. What started as a fun way to unwind is now out of control and dangerous. Binge drinking is a habit that needs to be ended. In fact, if you continue to use alcohol in this manner, it can have long term negative effects on not only your appearance, but also, your health.


Millions of people still smoke regardless of the evidence clearly identifying the dangers. Unfortunately, cigarette smoking is more addictive than some recreational drugs, making it one of the most difficult habits to kick. Nevertheless, there isn’t enough space to describe the negative effects of smoking. Do yourself a favor and throw the cigarettes away. Besides, as people become more and more socially health conscientious, smokers are getting the boot everywhere from restaurants to public parks.

Tanning Beds

Although people have been tanning for centuries, indoor tanning through artificial light hit mainstream somewhere in the mid 1990’s. People are vain, no doubt about it. Not many people would argue the point that everyone looks healthier with a little color. However, we now know that the tanning beds are not as “safe” as we were told when we purchased our life memberships to the local salon. If you must have that sun kissed look, do yourself a favor and look into spray tanning. The results are similar, without damaging your skin and your health.

Improper Use of Prescriptions

Physical pain is treatable. In fact, in today’s medically advanced society, there’s a pill for practically everything. While that may be progress in some people’s minds, it equals danger to others. It’s a relatively simple procedure to get prescriptions filled-even when the ailment no longer exists. Many people think because prescription drugs are legal, they are considered more acceptable. Unfortunately, the more your body depends on an artificial stimulus to perform, the weaker your system becomes. Be careful you don’t let a very bad habit of “self medicating” get out of control. You may not be able to find your way back.

Cola Addiction

Believe it or not, there are millions of people across the globe who are addicted to cola. Caffeine is a primary ingredient in many cola products, making heavy caffeine use a major bad habit. While it may improve concentration or alleviate fatigue, too much caffeine over a long period of time can have negative effects. Insomnia, nervousness even irritability are some of the short term effects of heavy caffeine consumption. Try to switch some of your daily cola intake with the caffeine free version if it is available. or better yet, try drinking water instead.

Bad habits are simply bad. While there are many ways to justify behavior, it’s never a good idea to continue something that is obviously not healthy. kicking bad habits now before they negatively effect your health is not only a good idea, but also, a smart way to live.