How to stop your road rage and make your commute more enjoyable

By: Oct 28, 2011
road rage

Road rage is certainly not good for your health. Here are few ways to make the lengthy commute less stressful.

With the roads becoming more and more populated everyday, the crowding can result in drivers to losing their cool.  When we are frustrated with the traffic, people end up making mistakes and pull impolite driving manoeuvres, which can lead to anger from other irritated drivers. This leads to road rage and poses a significant threat to the health and safety of everyone on the road.

Tip #1: A Calm Driving Environment
Create a soothing environment in your car by listening to music that calms you. The positive environment allows you to relax and lets you ignore the road rage of others. Music is bound to colour your experience and make your drive more enjoyable by allowing you to escape the bumper-to-bumper traffic and irritating drivers.

Tip #2: Take Deep Breaths
When you are stuck in a traffic jam, breathing exercises can help release your stale negative energy and let you breathe in fresh air that makes your blood oxygenated. Be careful not to focus too much on breathing out frustrations that you lose your attention on the road ahead. 

Tip #3: Manage Your Time
Too often you get frustrated because you leave home in a jiffy and cannot reach your destination on time. This results in elevated stress levels. When you organize your schedule in such a way so that you leave early, it keeps your stress levels under control. You should prepare your supplies the night before and set an alarm before you have to get up.

Tip #4: Avoid confrontation
It is better that you don’t yell back or give nasty gestures when an angry driver threatens or yells. You should ignore the angry drivers because it only makes matters worse.

Tip #5: Have a Positive Outlook
You should try to find some sort of enjoyment during the commute. Try to think positive because it will help relieve your tension. You can consider the beautiful scenery during the journey and watch the interesting vehicles and even interesting people.

Tip #6: Look For Alternative Routes
If you know what traffic routes frustrate you and are likely to add fuel to your road rage, then you should find alternate routes so that you do not encounter any roadblocks or heavy traffic.

Tip #7: Alternate Driving Arrangements
You can consider using alternate means of transportation such as public transport or even carpool. Share driving duties with colleagues in your area, this way you can make your commute less stressful and be mindful of the enviornment at the same time.