Unique do-it-yourself costumes

By: Oct 21, 2011
do-it-yourself costumes

No time to find a costume for a Halloween celebration? Here are a few different DIY ideas’ you can make with items around the home.

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to break out the costumes, indeed you want something different this year, something with a little pizzazz. But, you don’t want to pay the exorbitant fees that can come along with truly unique costumes. What is the solution? Make your own costume and don’t be afraid to have a little fun while doing it.

For the Guys:

1. For the ultimate Old West fan, go as an Outlaw. Dress in your favorite western wear. Using a piece of card board or yellowed poster board cut a circle for your face and above your head, write the word WANTED in western style letters. Offer a reward on the bottom.

2. Another very simple alternative is to wear a gray sweat suit, or dark pants and a gray shirt, along with red and white socks. Sew, pin, or glue dolls to your shirt and you arrive as the ultimate Babe Magnet.

3. Grab a fishing hat and throw a camera around your neck. Add a bright colored, button-up shirt and a fanny pack (or a man purse if you feel strong enough). Play the part of the tourist and use it as an excuse to take pictures all night long.

4. Celebrate the beginning of creation as Father Time by wearing any dark colored shirt and pants and attaching images of clocks or actual clocks to your clothes. For the more mature look, add a beard and some baby powder to your hair.

5. Never be accused of being dull and boring again. Attach streamers and balloons to your clothes and wear your favorite animal mask as you come as a Party Animal.

6. Wear a long white beard, a Hawaiian shirt and a pair of red shorts and you dress as Santa Claus on Vacation. Be sure to keep a drink in hand and sunglasses on!

7. Live the exciting life of a Flasher for the night. Dress in regular clothing and a long trench coat. Secure different lights under the trench coat like tap lights or flashlights. Walk around ‘flashing’ people throughout the night.

8. Wear all black clothing and attach glow sticks to your clothes in the shape of a stick figure. When you get to the party, break all the sticks so they glow you and you become the ultimate Stick Man.

9. Dress as you imagine a regular golfer would look: knee length shorts, a collared shirt, and plaid somewhere. Cut a hollow training ball in half and attach it to your forehead to go as a Golf Lesson Victim.

10. Be Spider Man with a twist. Wear black and white clothes and attach plastic spiders all over it.

For the Ladies:

1. Serve as a protector for the evening. Dress is an elegant white gown, or even a sheet tied like a Roman toga. Braid your hair in multiple braids pulled back and weave your son’s, nephew’s, or neighbor’s plastic snakes into your hair as you prepare to go as Medusa.

2. Wear a simple red tunic or red evening gown and attach a silk black heart to it. Include a tiara and heart covered scepter and prepare to defend your territory as the Queen of Hearts.

3. Use an old, sheer shawl, or stick to cheesecloth. Attach spiders to it and weave a web of Halloween magic as a Spiderweb.

4. Slip into some light colored clothing and attach as many bags as you can find. You can use brown paper bags from the grocery store, plastic bags from other stores, or even a combination of both. Make sure and leave a few where you can put some light things in them and explore through the party as a Bag Lady.

5. For a unique twist on an old classic, dress in the blue dress, white apron, and black shoes of Alice in Wonderland. Add some chains to your dress, wrapping some around you and party hard as Alice in Chains.

6. Beautiful and unique, as a Jellyfish you can add some zing to the night. Dress in white or silver and softly drape bubble wrap around yourself. Attach long strands of the bubble wrap to a clear umbrella and you will make a sure splash!

7. Retro is back in style! Grab some tight jeans and an oversized, cropped, sweat shirt that will fall off your shoulders. Make sure you do not forget the leg warmers as you become the Flashdance Girl.

8. Anyone can be a teacher, but very few can handle being a Substitute Teacher. Dress as one for the evening by looking classic and professional, hair up in a twist and glasses on. Set yourself apart as the substitute by attaching paper airplanes, broken pencils, paper wads, a kick-me sign and anything else you think kids would try to throw at a substitute teacher.

9. Everyone likes to play with a doll so dress up as one. Use some rouge on your cheeks and put your hair in pigtails while dressing in a frilly dress. Add a silver key (cardboard covered in foil) and become a Wind Up Doll.

10. What lady doesn’t enjoy the beauty of gold? Slip into a gold dress or outfit and carry long stemmed carrots to become 24 carat Gold!


For Anyone:

1. Use a cardboard box, paint it with red and white stripes. Cut a place for your body and attach straps so that it rests mid-chest. Attach yellow crumbled paper to the top and go as a Popcorn Box.

2. Childhood games are a party favorite and Twister is no exception. Attach two game mats to your clothes and game spinner to the front. Have fun all night as your friends take a spin.

3. Everyone loves a Bag of Jellybeans so let everyone fall in love with you dressed as one. Find the largest clear trash bag you can find to wear, cutting a hole for your head and tightening or taping the bottom of it around your hips after you have filled it with small colored balloons.

4. Become a sweet treat wearing all purple or green. Blow up either purple or green balloons to match your outfit and attach them to your clothes to become a bunch of grapes.

5. Finally, if you are the kind of person who hates costumes, but has to have one for an upcoming party, dress in whatever you want. But, grab a few laughs by attaching a sign that reads, Nudist on Strike.