10 Ways to stick to your workout

By: Nov 04, 2011
stick to your workout

Do you have a hard time fitting exercise into your busy schedule? Here are some tips to keep you on track.

How many times have you started your exercise regimen to loose those extra pounds and aborted your mission abruptly? The keenness with which you start off your fitness plan ends up with you busy juggling to manage your kids, career and eventually missing out on a few workouts. Before you know it, a few misses end up becoming a month long rest from exercise. 

Be Consistent
You need to be consistent in your workouts and try not to skip any because if you do, it becomes easier to skip yet another day and eventually loose track of your workout goals.

Envision Your Success
Visualize how you will look and feel when you've reached your fitness goal. This vision will keep you heading in the right direction and keep you motivated along the way.

Keep a Log
Keep track of your workouts by marking it on a calendar. For every day that you can’t work out, mark with a big red X. This log will serve as reminder of all the days you have missed, the visual should keep you on track.

Bribe Yourself
Bribe yourself into something you will receive after you are done with your daily work. Maybe you could go for a pedicure on the way home from the gym, or plan a girl's night out for that evening.

The Buddy System
Working out with a group of friends makes it harder for you to miss out or put off working out. None of us want to look bad in front of others, and none of us want to let people down.

Get Enough Sleep
If you haven’t rested well at night, you won’t be alert the rest of the day and will certainly be reluctant to use the treadmill.

Eat Healthy
When you're exercising regularly, it's important to eat healthily and sensibly. You need all the proteins and vitamins that your body requires. Without the right fuel you will have no energy for exercise.

Stop weighing yourself every other day
Experts tell us to stop weighing ourselves constantly. Initially when muscle builds, your weight may go up before decreasing, which might frustrate and discourage you.

Avoid Sticking To One Activity
Don't stick to one activity. It is better if you add a variety of exercise to your routine. There are so many fitness options available. From exercise machines, various fitness classes to sport teams it's easy to mix things up and keep your mind and body on it's toes.

Be dedicated but flexible
Try not to over-exercise as it can result in injury and burnout. Overdoing it in the beginning can sometimes discourage you from continuing on if you end up with injury. Stay committed to your workouts but try not to overindulge.