Holiday Beauty: Don’t over do it

By: Dec 20, 2013
Holiday beauty

From sequins to red lips, we've got the tips to help you look festive without going overboard!

The holidays are coming and every woman wants to look her best. With family and friends that you haven’t seen in years showing up, you will go through so many clothing changes; attempting to look fantabulous! There’s no need to stress over how you look, because there are a few easy guidelines that will help bring out the best of you.

The holiday season is also the cold weather season. It’s the worst possible season for your skin, especially your face. A cold climate can cause your skin to peel, dry out and crack, because there’s less moisture in the air. Truthfully, the fact that cold weather causes most people to stay in inside, has the similar effect on your skin. The warm air that is being produced by heaters still lacks efficient moisture; causing dry skin patches.

To make sure that your face is glowing, healthy and beautiful; be sure to moisturize 2 times a day. It’s ideal to use a rejuvenating moisturizer at night so that it can work its magic as you sleep. Now, caring for your face is great, but don’t forget the rest of your body, too. There’s nothing worse than ashy knees peaking from under your holiday cocktail dress!

Everyone recognizes that holidays are festive and sparkly. This is definitely the case for many holiday clothing items. Sequins can add a touch of class to any outfit, when used in moderation. A beautiful, yet simple, sequin scarf or handbag can make a statement. No one should twinkle more than the holiday lights or the tree.

Red Lips
Red is a color that everyone associates with the holiday season. They try to incorporate it anyway they can, from their clothes to their make-up. There is a misconception that women who have darker skin tones shouldn’t wear red lips. That’s not the case.

There is nothing wrong with red lips during the holidays. But by all means, use a shade that doesn’t say it’s a hot summer day. Red lips during this season should be warm and tender. Here are some tips to finding the right color for you.

Skin Tone                  Base
Fair                            Blue
Olive                          Orange
Dark                           Deep

Just as cool weather tends to dry out the skin; it can do the same to your hair. It can cause it to feel brittle and the dryness will cause breakage and/or shedding. It’s important to keep your hair moisturized. It’s also recommended that you try to refrain from using artificial heat on your hair. For curly styles, try rods or curling shampoos.

Metallic colors can be chic on the right occasion. However, holidays are not the time to break out that dress made of a bunch of metallic coins, stringed together to make a sheath that just covers your rump. As with sequins, use metallic to accessorize and accentuate. A scarf, handbag or belt is a nice touch that won’t cross the line. Remember, a little can go a long way.

Holidays are special and women want to look and feel special. Your inner diva doesn’t have to be bold, boisterous and flashy. This is the season for subtle beauty and warm sensuality. Keep it light and you’ll be the talk of the evening.