Turning your home into the “holiday” inn

By: Dec 23, 2011
prepare for overnight guests

With the right preparation, you can have a wonderful holiday sleepover with your family and friends.

Being the hostess of your holiday functions is a lot of work. There are meals to plan, there’s food to cook, and that is just the beginning of your holiday “to do list.” There are also the many overnight guests that you have to accommodate. This is where the fun begins...

It isn’t always easy putting people up for holiday visits, but with a little thought it can be done and be an enjoyable holiday for everyone. So many different issues come into play and have to be considered. Heaven forbid you are a part of one of those families with feuding relatives. Yet, if you plan ahead and carefully prepare; it can be pulled off without you pulling your hair out.

How Much Space Do You Have?
The first step is to look at the amount of space you’re working with and be realistic about how many people you can comfortably accommodate. If you live in a one bedroom apartment and share your bed with a partner, it would be a stretch to think that you can fit more than 4 people in your home.

Head Count, Please!
Next, you need a head count of all of the people that need a place to stay. This also includes making a separate count of adults and children. It’s always easier to make space for children. You may also want to consider taking in a mix of adults and children. Unless you’re an extremely patient person, you don’t want to end up with a house full of children and no adult help.

This is also the time to take into account people that you can’t have stay together. If you have relatives who simply don’t get along for some reason or another, you have already shortened your list because you know one of them can’t stay. Mean as it may seem, you get to choose the relative that you want to invite to stay at your home.

Where Do You Go?
After you take into account space and need, you should look at the types of accommodations you have to offer. Not everyone is blessed enough to have spare rooms, so use what you have. A sleeper sofa is a wonderful thing to have during the holidays. Count your blankets to see how many make shift beds you can make. You may also want to invest in small air mattresses.

Avoid the Family Volunteer Plan
The final step is to confer with other relatives; who have space available for overnight family members and see who, if any, they can make room for. Of all of the steps, this is the most important. Families have a bad habit of volunteering the services of one another, without prior notification. If you skip this step, you may answer your door to find Cousin Bubba and his young wife standing in your doorway with their 4 kids and the family dog.

As you can see, juggling overnight guests can be stress free if you plan properly. Give yourself at least two weeks to prepare. Make sure you have enough clean linen, soaps and whatever other necessities you may need to make your guests and yourself comfortable during their stay. With the right preparation, you can have a wonderful holiday sleepover with your family and friends.