Some surprising headache causes

By: Jan 09, 2012

Do you suffer from headaches? Here are some unexpected sources of headaches that you may not know about.

No need in denying that headaches are a pain that seem to never go away. They can attack at the most in opportune times. And most times they seem to come out of nowhere. Well, that’s what some of you may think. The truth is, you’d be surprised at the source of some headaches.

Some of the most common and usual things in a woman’s life, can be the cause of some of her most excruciating headaches. And let’s be honest, there’s nothing worse than being stuck at your office computer all day with a throbbing head. By the time you finish reading this, you’ll be armed to win the battle against these pesky nuisances.

Tight hairdo’s are a headache source that many women overlook in an attempt to look good. Tension headaches are the result of the hair being pulled so tight that it stresses the connective tissue of the scalp. The tension can also cause the scalp muscles to contract. This is not only the case with tight styles. Styles worn high on the head can also be the source of tension headaches. So, let your hair down. It’ll help prevent those headaches that you can now blame your ponytail for.

Like a lot of women, you probably love shoes. If you’re into the latest fashions; the higher, the better! Unfortunately, your footwear choices can also cause your headache horror. Believe it or not; high heeled shoes put pressure on various muscles and nerves of the body, including those in the neck and spine. This pressure builds up and can cause excruciating headaches. Don’t be afraid to wear sensible, comfortable shoes. And if your stiletto's are a must, slip a pair of flats in that bag of yours.

Next on the list of head-busters…perfume! It is usually the best smelling fragrances that bring unbearable pain. The explanation for this is rather simple. The nerve cells in the nasal cavity are connected to the same nerve mechanism that causes head pain. This does not only apply to perfumes, many other things have scents that can trigger headaches, which can last for days. Avoid perfume and use fragrance-free products, when possible.

Sex can be the source of some headaches as well. This type of headache is referred to as a “coital” headache. This headache is associated with the accumulation of pressure in the muscles in the neck and in the head during sex. Speak to your doctor if you are experiencing these headaches.

Now, instead of wondering why your head hurts, you can take preventative measures from the start. There’s no reason to suffer if there are things that can be done to stop the pain from ever hitting you. If you suffer from frequent headaches, look into your usual behaviors for help.