Amalia & Associates Acupuncture - Natural Medicine

Amalia & Associates Acupuncture - Natural Medicine

Registered Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist and Holistic Medicine Practitioner in Vaughan

Amalia Yoselevsky, R.Ac, FCHM,DHom,CCIr,NT. owner of the clinic is a knowledgeable practitioner in practice since 1990 trained in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Natural Medicine, Classical Homeopathic Medicine and Homotoxicolgy, Iridology and Natural Therapies with her expertise as a prime health care practitioner,   Amalia provides a wide variety of modalities and specially women issues, PMS menstrual disorder, ovarian dysfunction, menopause discomfort and a vast interest in Fertility and Infertility for both women and men and supports all reproduction techniques including in vitro fertilization (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI) and other clinical techniques.

Health is Balance, Balance is Health and Harmony is Energy. 



Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

A system of treatment rooted in ancient Chinese thought ,which seek to re-balance energy by inserting needles in point on the body's meridians (energy channels) Acupuncture encourages natural healing,reducing or relieving pain and improving function of the affected areas in the body. 

Infertility: Chinese and Western Medicine Approach

  • Although the goals of Chinese medicine and Traditional medicine are the same, their ideas about what causes infertility, the nature of the infertility itself, and the process used to regain fertility are very different.
  • The doctor of chinese medicine looks to infertility as imbalance of the whole person body and attempts to treat the whole, taking into account the various attributes of the individual problems on being sick or healthy. A person, according to the tenets of alternative medicine, is more than their condition.
  • It is becoming more and more prevalent in research conducted by Western Scientists and Physicians the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Studies indicate that Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture can increase the success rate of infertility treatment,including IUI and IVF.

Menopause : Chinese Medicine and a Natural Approach

Meno (menstruation) Pause (stop) is the last menstrual flow of a women's life. For most women the years just before and just after the menopause (Climacteric) spans from early/mid 40's to late 50's and early 60's. For most of us this entire period is popularly known as the Change of Life. Each women's Change of Life includes three stages (before, during and after). Each stage is different, has special needs, and offers special challenges. By learning and understanding our body we can achieve a more healthy balance, halting and reversing deficiencies like digestive disorders, hot flashes, thyroid problem, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, arthritis, estrogen and progesterone-sensitive tissues in the vagina and bladder, heart and circulatory system. A Natural Approach can assist with menopause.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic Acupuncture can help to control facial expression, by stimulating some facial acupuncture points, which in return will promote overall enhancement to muscle and blood circulation. Cosmetic Acupuncture improves circulation to the skin's underlying tissue and triggers several important acupuncture points that promotes overall health. 


Apart from the symptoms of the disease, homeopaths use aspects of the patient's physical and psychological state in recommending remedies. Homeopathic reference books known as repertories are then consulted, and a remedy is selected based on the totality of symptoms. Homeopathic remedies are considered safe, with rare exceptions. 


Homotoxicology is a continuation of Hahnemannian theory and practice in the light of advances in the past few decades in scientific knowledge of pathology, physiology, toxicology, evolution biology etc. The underlying concept is that all manifestations of life depend on the conversion of chemical compounds according to well-defined chemical laws. 

Herbal Medicine

According to ancient Chinese and Egyptian records herbs for medicinal purpose date back at least 5,000 years. Herbs have been used to heal illness, regain harmony with nature, promote life force and strengthen the body. The qualities of herbs can assist us to bring about lost balance and healing. Chinese & Western herbology has long used substances not only from the plant kingdom, but also from the mineral and animal kingdoms to bring about the desired effect. 

To understand Herbal Medicine, the kingdoms primary qualities need to be examined. In Western and especially in Chinese medicine, the taste, the atmospheric energy and the meridian pathways entered are of major importance. The taste of the herb also plays a major role in bringing desired outcome. The taste indicates an action that the herb, the mineral or animal kingdom carries. An understanding of nature and the poetic movement of life in motion allow us to see how this theory forms the basic foundation of health in relationship to the world we live in.

Many plants synthesize substances that are useful to the maintenance of health in humans and other animals. These include aromatic substances, most of which are phenols or their oxygen-substituted derivatives such as tannins. Many are secondary metabolites, of which at least 12,000 have been isolated — a number estimated to be less than 10% of the total. In many cases, these substances (particularly the alkaloids) serve as plant defense mechanisms against predation by microorganisms, insects, and herbivores. Many of the herbs and spices used by humans to season food yield useful medicinal compounds.


Iridologists use the charts to distinguish between healthy systems and organs in the body and those which are overactive, inflamed, or distressed. Iridologists believe this information may be used to demonstrate a patient's susceptibility towards certain illnesses, to reflect past medical problems, or to predict later consequences of health problems which may be developing. 

What My Clients are saying:

Daniela Stillisano

Independent Financial Services Professional-

"I highly recommend Amalia. Her integrity, her knowledge, honesty, and professionalism cannot be compared. I appreciate all she has done for me."

Laura Ferrante

Manager, Store Provisioning and Home Office Support at Indigo-

"Amalia's level of expertise, knowledge and commitment she provides to her patients is top notch. She provides a trustworthly and safe environment for you to express issues and be treated. She truely aided me with my goals and outcomes."

Mihaela unguru

General manager-

"voi reveni curând cu detalii"

Lissa Nirenberg

Gables Optimal Health at miami oriental medicine-

"Amalia is an excelent health care practitioner"


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