Adam Heard, CLC CCBT - Counselling

Adam Heard, CLC CCBT - Counselling

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I work hard to break the "barriers" in traditional counselling practices. What are they? (In my opinion): To begin with, the usual environment is intimidating! Waiting in a quiet waiting room, where you can hear a pin drop, sitting across from a stranger, trying not to make eye contact, as you are in your most vulnerable state.
As well, most counselors are taught that the counselling process should have four stages, information gathering, a beginning, a middle and an end. Not that I disagree with this, in practice, however the reality is that only a fraction of clients stay with a counselor for the total duration of a counselling 'process'. Therefor I believe that the client should take as much as possible from each and every session, just is case there isn't a next time, for any reason.

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