Balance Chiropractic Inc. - Dr. Brent MacNeil

Balance Chiropractic Inc. - Dr. Brent MacNeil

Dartmouth Doctor of Chiropractic

Have you ever had pain and considered Chiropractic but feared you’d be required to commit to long-term Chiropractic Care or a type of treatment that made you feel uncomfortable? You are not alone. Even though there is plenty of research backing the effectiveness and safety of Chiropractic, some patients just can’t afford the time or expense of long-term, corrective care or have preconceived notions about what a visit entails. Dr. MacNeil now offer complimentary no-obligation consultations and “pay per visit”Chiropractic for your neck pain or back pain.** This consultation will allow your questions and concerns to be answered and determine if you would be qualified for care with Dr. MacNeil. This means you can call and come in on the same day and get exactly what you want; an affordable drugless solution for your aches and pains.

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This mainstream approach has gotten Dr. MacNeil featured along with many medical doctors and spine surgeons on… one of the most visited online back pain information websites in the country. So, if you, your spouse, or a friend is complaining of aches and pains, rest assured that you can come in and get the care you want and can afford.

Past Work:

Dr. MacNeil began his studies in the Anglo European College of Chiropractic, and later transferred to CMCC in Toronto, and began practicing in 2004. Dr. MacNeil wishes to work with you to find an evidence-based effective treatment(s) for your complaint(s) and assist in determining and reaching your goals. Dr. MacNeil is a member of the Nova Scotia Chiropractic Association and the Canadian Chiropractic Association.

The doctor of chiropractic is an effective source of preventative and wellness care.

The anatomical focus of chiropractic care on the human spine has created the perception of the chiropractor as just a "back doctor." This perception is very much incomplete. Doctors of Chiropractic use the nervous system to access and help many aspects of people’s health. Your nervous system covers your entire body. So if you have a health problem ask your chiropractor, they can often help in ways you did not think of. If you need other health intervention, you will be referred. Chiropractors are also a highly appropriate resource in matters of nutritional counseling, stress management, alternative health techniques, injury prevention, postural correction, and workplace safety.


"Dr. Brent MacNeil has been my back pain wizard for the last several years. A compassionate chiropractor who looks at the whole person and always makes me laugh and feel at ease in every treatment. I am grateful for his holistic professional approach to healing since 2008. Today, he continues to contribute to my quality of life and a healthy spine. In a physically demanding career as a yoga instructor, his therapy keeps me bendy and pain-free to do what I love best at work and at play. Thank you, Brent."

- Helen Fong

"A long-time advocate of chiropractic care, it is critical for me to have a great rapport with, and faith in, my chiropractor. Dr. MacNeil has been treating me for four years now, and his professionalism, personality and humor, and effective techniques have been essential to my continued back pain management and spine health. Dr. MacNeil provides education on maintaining posture, tips and exercises to correct poor spine habits, and has always been able to quickly and effectively diagnose and treat any spine and joint issues, particularly when I first took up running. I recommend Dr. MacNeil for anyone either looking for a great chiropractor in HRM, or anyone who has been hesitant to try chiropractic care. You will quite literally be in great hands."

- Lisa J Olie, Sales and Marketing Specialist Halifax, NS

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