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Since 2010 Dr. Julie Gill and Dr. Mark Kubert have been providing the Guelph area with chiropractic care, orthotics, exercise prescription and nutritional evalutations.

We opened Clear Path Chiropractic in Guelph, ON with the intent to help people feel better and stay well. Our approach is simple: combine hands on therapy with education on healthy habits.

There are 2 chiropractors at our clinic, and yes, we are a husband and wife team. After practicing in northern BC for the last 5 years, we chose to relocate to Guelph and are very happy we did. We look forward to helping the people of Guelph Feel Better and Stay Well.



Chiropractic Care

  • Chiropractic care involves the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal (muscle, bone and joint) disorders. Aches and pains, whether arising from an acute sports injury or chronically held postures, can be helped through a combination of spinal manipulation / mobilization, muscle therapy, modalities and specific stretches. Although the majority of cases we see are back related we treat a variety of conditions including:

                        Back pain                        Neck pain
                        Headaches                      TMD (jaw pain)
                        Shoulder/elbow/wrist         Knee/ankle/foot
                        Sports injuries                  Muscle pain


  • If our feet are not functioning at their best they can be linked to conditions such as foot and ankle pain, knee pain, hip and low back pain. Custom made orthotics can help to correct faulty foot mechanics and reduce these painful conditions.

Exercise prescription

  • Not all exercises are created equal - finding healthy, safe and effective exercises are an integral part of reducing pain and maintaining optimal function. We prescribe specific stretches and exercises to help recover from painful conditions. We also advise on general fitness and exercise techniques to keep you moving well and avoiding pain.

Nutritional Evaluation

  • Good food is important. Changes in diet, both good and bad, can have a large impact on how your body feels and functions. We can help by providing information on what you can do to improve and maintain good health.


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