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Cleveland Clinic Canada is part of a global, non-profit healthcare system that has provided world class care to patients since 1921. Located in downtown Toronto, at the corner of Bay and Wellington streets, Cleveland Clinic Canada specializes in the areas of disease prevention, injury rehabilitation and sports performance.

We offer:

Executive Health, Sports medicine consultations (OHIP covered), Orthopaedic consultations (OHIP covered), PRP and stem cell injections, Cardiology (OHIP covered), Dermatology (OHIP covered), Chiropractic care, Physiotherapy, Massage therapy (RMT), Osteopathy, Chiropody, Weight and lifestyle management, Personal Training Plus, Clinical Pilates, Running program, Nutritional counselling, Psychology counselling, Exercise physiology, Care navigation to our facilities outside of Canada

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Focused on preventing disease and enhancing your overall health




Cleveland Clinic has locations around the world, including Canada, the U.S. (Cleveland, Ohio, Florida and Nevada), Abu Dhabi and soon, London, England. We focus on the early detection and prevention of health issues as well as injury rehabilitation. Services include Executive Health, clinical personal training, exercise physiology, nutritional counselling, weight and lifestyle management, and OHIP covered services such as sports medicine, orthopaedics, cardiology and dermatology. New patients are welcome. Diagnostic services are available onsite.

Executive Health

Cleveland Clinic Canada's Executive Health Program is a 5 hour, head-to-toe medical and wellness evaluation that will thoroughly assess your current state of health, screen for early signs of diseases and evaluate your lifestyle. The day has been designed to provide you ample time with our physicians and wellness clinicians. During your day of care, you will meet with various providers, including your physician, nurse, dietitian, exercise physiologist and psychologist. By the end of the day, you’ll feel more confident in your health status and know the action steps you need to take to achieve better health and wellness. As part of this comprehensive program, you will also benefit from our urgent care service for 12 months. Should an urgent care need arise, such as a sore throat or ear infection, you may schedule a same day or next day appointment with our nurse practitioner.

Sports Health

Cleveland Clinic Canada’s Sports Health services are designed to help you perform at your best. With that in mind, our comprehensive list of services is organized to meet the medical, nutritional and fitness needs of recreational and professional athletes as well as individuals who experience muscle and joint pain. Same day appointments with many of our providers are available for new patients. Call 416.507.6717 to find out more.

  • Sports Medicine: Our sports medicine physicians and orthopaedic surgeons use non-surgical options for pain relief, such as joint jelly injections, platelet-rich plasma and stem cell injections. Consultations and imaging are covered by OHIP and there is no referral required.
  • Orthopaedics: Our orthopaedic consults help regain quality of life by implementing effective treatment methods such as counselling, medications, or, if medically necessary, recommendations for interventions such as arthroscopic surgery or joint replacement.
  • Chiropractic: Our chiropractors treat sports-related and non-sports-related pain and dysfunction with advanced soft tissue techniques and spinal adjustments.
  • Physiotherapy: Our physiotherapists use a variety of techniques such as manual therapy, electrotherapy and exercises to improve function and relieve pain.
  • Osteopathy: Our osteopathic manual practitioners use non-invasive manual therapies to treat the joints, muscles and spine as well as the body’s nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems.
  • Massage Therapy: Our registered massage therapists can help reduce pain, decrease stress and enhance immune function by providing relief to the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems.

PRP and Stem Cell Injections

Our Sports Health team is focused on helping our patients alleviate pain, increase mobility and improve their quality of life. We recognize that life is a sport and we offer innovative and effective solutions to help get our patients back into the action as soon as possible.

We offer both platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell injections to treat inflammatory conditions and joint pain. Our sports medicine physician or orthopaedic surgeon will determine which therapy is right for you.


Our cardiac services are rooted in the expertise of the Cleveland Clinic Heart and Vascular Institute, which has been recognized as the number one ranked cardiac care centre in the United States by U.S. News & World Report since 1994.

Our cardiology team uses preventive therapy and comprehensive testing to assess a patient’s risk of developing cardiac disease. All testing and assessments are administered by a board certified cardiologist and if additional testing is required, we will provide a referral. This service is covered by OHIP, requires a physician referral and is only available for adults.


Our dermatology team offers patients a wide range of dermatologic and aesthetic services. We provide expertise in the diagnosis and management of a full spectrum of dermatologic conditions including acne, eczema, psoriasis, precancerous and cancerous lesions of the skin. We also offer cosmetic dermatology and anti-aging procedures, including cosmetic removal of benign skin lesions, injections for the treatment of wrinkles and volume loss.

This service is ideal for any individual who has a medical concern or condition involving their skin, hair or nails. Dermatology appointments are covered by OHIP. Our dermatologist treats adult patients only and appointments require physician referrals unless they are cosmetic dermatology procedures, including injections and the treatment of wrinkles and dermal fillers. The latter are available for a fee and do not require physician referrals.

Personal Training Plus

Personal Training Plus is a customized fitness program that combines world class clinical expertise with on-site personal training. The purpose of our personal training at Cleveland Clinic Canada is simple – to provide better health and measurable outcomes. Not only do we work with our clients to define and achieve their personal fitness objectives, we also ensure that we are doing it in a way that improves their overall health. 

Clinical Pilates

To fully recover from an injury, one often needs to strengthen the area that is injured. It is important to strengthen the muscles correctly. That is why we created Clinical Pilates. The Pilates method is a form of exercise that concentrates on strengthening core muscles and improving posture and body awareness and is scientifically proven to reduce pain and help you move better.

Our Pilates classes are led by clinical specialists with advanced training in musculoskeletal conditions and they will work with you to ensure that you are learning proper movements for your injury or issue. Small classes and private sessions with personalized feedback ensure that each exercise is executed correctly and is appropriate for you. Patients report a reduction in their pain as well as improved posture, core strength, flexibility, coordination and balance.

Care Navigation

Are you facing a challenging healthcare situation? Global Patient Services is a free resource service that assists individuals in understanding their healthcare options.

The goal of Global Patient Services is to provide individuals with information about the healthcare options available to them either locally (i.e. here at our clinic or elsewhere in the city/province at an appropriate healthcare facility), or, as necessary at another Cleveland Clinic facility. We take the time to answer your health questions and provide the guidance needed to help you get care as soon as possible.

About Cleveland Clinic Canada

Patient care is our top priority. As one of the world’s largest and most respected non-profit academic medical centres, Cleveland Clinic is committed to providing patients with a high quality healthcare experience. Located in downtown Toronto, Cleveland Clinic Canada offers innovative clinical services that are rooted in evidence and delivered in a high-quality, convenient outpatient clinic. Whether you need a head-to-toe medical assessment, have a family history of cardiovascular disease or want to address your low back pain, we can help.

Cleveland Clinic Canada provides a preventive, multi-disciplinary model of care that empowers our patients to take control of their health, and life. From advanced diagnostic technology, to state-of-the-art treatment protocols, to personalized clinically-based lifestyle programs, we provide patients with innovative solutions to improve their overall health. Founded on the Cleveland Clinic principle of Patients First, we work hard every day to make our patients and their care our number one priority.

Our Staff

Cleveland Clinic Canada is home to some of Canada’s finest medical professionals and skilled technicians. As part of a global, academic medical centre, we are committed to delivering high quality, evidence-based, patient centered care. We invite you to learn more about our exceptional staff and their specialties here.


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