Natural Pain Relief Chiropractic - Dr. Jackie Gonzalez

Natural Pain Relief Chiropractic - Dr. Jackie Gonzalez

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Our philosophy - why we do what we do 

We believe that the body is self healing and self regulating. The body is controlled by the brain and the nervous system which travels through the spine and out to all parts of the body. When this connection from the brain to the body is clear, everything works as it should. When this pathway is disrupted, the body cannot self heal or self regulate as well as it did before.  By removing the intereference to  restore the brain-body connection in the  spine, the body will again return to self healing and self regulating so you can get back to life as normal !

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Now offering orthotics, medical compression stockings as well as cold laser

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Everyone in our office, from our receptionist to your chiropractor, has one goal in mind--to help you feel better fast. We know that when your body isn't in top shape that your entire outlook on life can be affected. That's why you'll always be greeted with a smile here and leave with an even bigger one on your face!

Dr. Jackie Gonzalez D.C.

Dr. Jackie Gonzalez graduated from Texas Chiropractic College and moved back to her birthplace in Toronto where she begun private practice.   Dr. Jackie is very passionate about health and wellness and strives to keep updated on the latest news. She is a Pilates Instructor and incorporates that into her practice. During spare time she enjoys hiking, cooking, salsa dancing and spending time with her twin nephews and her new niece. 

"Our patients and their goals always come first.  We want our patients to feel better and move better and get back to normal life. That's why we have unique care plans for each person". 

Dr. Jackie Gonzalez D.C.  

  Mar. 12, 2015

Using Lasers to Promote Healing

Cold Laser is painless and is able to penetrate deep into the tissue to stimulate cellular healing within the body.

  Mar. 4, 2015

Circulation Stockings

Medical Compression Stockings are helpful to people with circulation problems that occur either temporarily such as t...

  Feb. 26, 2015

The Importance of Proper Foot Support

When the foot isn’t properly supported this can affect the knee and hip as well as the low back alignment.

  Jan. 19, 2015

Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Is it safe to see a chiropractor if I am pregnant?

  Jan. 5, 2015

Does Size Matter?

Can a smaller-framed female chiropractor help me if I am larger-framed male?

  Dec. 15, 2014

Forever and Ever?

If I see a chiropractor will I have to go for the rest of my life?

  Dec. 1, 2014

More than just for Back Pain

Can a chiropractor help me with more than just back pain?

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