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We are a multidisciplinary and integrative Centre with highly skilled professionals dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the fields of vascular medicine and cosmetic and laser surgery. The physicians and professional staff at Cosmetic Laser & Vein Centre appreciate your desire for a healthier, more youthful appearance. In fact, services such as varicose and spider vein removal represent only a fraction of the treatment options available. By offering a wide range of skin health and enhancement, non-surgical face lift (Contour Lift), laser resurfacing, mole removal, and cosmetic surgical treatment options in the Calgary region as well as out of province and country, Cosmetic Laser & Vein Centre is committed to your continued vitality, longevity, and happiness.


Our Centre is a state of the art facility that is committed to the development and implementation of the latest surgical techniques and cosmetic treatments. And, while several traditional spider/varicose vein or mole removal techniques are available in the Calgary area, our focus continues to be on providing leading edge treatments, such as laser corrective surgery, which do not require general anaesthesia and have a quick recovery and are safe.


To experience the latest developments in rejuvenation techniques, cosmetic laser surgery, and laser corrective surgery in Calgary, we invite you to stop by Cosmetic Laser & Vein Centre or contact us for more information.

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