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Coast Mountain Counselling is located at Total Therapy Wellness Centre in Burnaby B.C. It was established by Amrit Crowther in 2009 and caters to individuals, families and couples who need help in dealing with lifes problems. Coast Mountains practicing counsellor is Amrit Crowther MA RCC and she has a vast spectrum of skills and methods to help people overcome their own personal problems and issues.

Coast Mountains policy on privacy and understanding is extended to all of its clients and is of the utmost importance to the counsellor and the company alike. The counselling environment is somewhere you can feel safe and secure. The Counsellor is non judgemental and is sympathetic and understanding to all clients whatever their background or problem.

Coast Mountain also provides people with some of the latest and most reliable methods of counselling today, which provides the client with peace of mind and ensures that problems faced by the individual will be resolved successfully and conclusively. YOU ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE and Coast Mountain strives to make yours a more rewarding and fulfilling one.

Amrit Crowther-My purpose as a counsellor is to help you to define and accomplish your goals--ones that bring calm and satisfaction to your life. I enjoy helping people who are ready to open up and speak about what is really happening for them now and in the past.  Often to move forward without your current difficulties,  involves healing painful experiences from your past. Collaborating with you every step of the way, I will use numerous methods, tools, and resources to accomplish this. Since you are the expert on yourself and I have skills and experience to help you, we can travel the road of positive change together.

My counselling expertise includes evidence-based methods such as cognitive-behavioural and solution-focused therapies. For certain problems, I find that the EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) method is the most helpful.

I have worked as a Clinical Counsellor at West Coast Counselling Services and Orion Health's Vancouver Pain Clinic. I was a Family Counsellor for Cameray Counselling Centre and a facilitator of Parenting after Separation workshops for the Law Courts Education Society of British Columbia.

My specialty areas are:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Anger issues
  • Abuse/Neglect (childhood or current)
  • Injuries and Chronic pain
  • Eating disorders/Disordered eating
  • Grief and loss
  • Parenting and other family issues
  • Marriage and Relationship counseling
  • Peak Performance in sports, career, and performance arts
  • Trauma
  • and more

I am a Registered Clinical Counselor (R.C.C.) with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. My training includes a B.A. in Psychology from the University of British Columbia and an M.A. in Counselling Psychology from the Adlerian School of Professional Psychology, Vancouver.

I am happily married and have two children.  I stay healthy with bike riding, yoga and going to the gym.


There are many approaches to counselling or psychotherapy, but research has consistently found that the client who benefits most from treatment is one who has a strong therapeutic relationship with the counsellor. This alliance is what Coast Mountain strives for first and is what we will use to explore painful thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a safe and compassionate setting that will make healing possible.

Coast Mountains approach to psychotherapy is founded on "Evidence-Based Therapy." Some look on this as an "eclectic" approach; it is one in which a counsellor uses the most up-to-date and legitimate research findings as the basis for clinical decisions.

Currently those findings include methods that your Counsellor uses most:

  • Adlerian Therapy, which stresses taking responsibility, creating one's own destiny, and finding meaning and goals to give life direction.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy that focuses on changing an individual's thoughts (cognitive patterns) in order to change his or her behaviour and emotional state.
  • EMDR (Eye movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) in which troubling images and feelings are processed by the brain via the eye-movement patterns and thoughts which are guided by the counsellor leading to resolution of the issues and a more peaceful state.
  • Emotion-Focused Therapy: exploration of the range of emotions associated with a traumatic event, beginning a process by which a negative feeling is exchanged for a more positive feeling.
  • Narrative Therapy where the focus is on the client discovering through conversations previously unrecognized and unknown potentials that are within him/herself.

You only have one life...Contact Coast Mountain today as the first step to a more rewarding and satisfactory one.


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