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UE Coaching exclusively employs the Strategic Wholistic Coaching™ method, inspiring immediate personal transformation in anyone around the world, who is truly motivated to empower their life and soulfully feel joy, peace and happiness, in an age where many people feel stuck, and lack the support, tools and clarity that will enable them to breakthrough their struggles and own their life!

Vision Statement:
To globally revolutionize people's lives, creating a new life story that is free from unnecessary fear, suffering and pain.

Mission Statement:
To empower you to discover the keys to painlessly unlock the life and love you deserve, creating a Life, Inspired!™. Removing any burden or obstacle that is weighing you down, Equipping you with the essential tools to always see the 'light at the end of the tunnel', no matter how dark things may appear. Inspiring you to take a quantum leap toward attaining inner strength, empowerment and joy. And that's only the beginning. You will have a profound awakening to master the magic of life at any moment...experiencing the limitless possibilities that await you!

UE Coaching Promise
Our unwavering promise to you, is that after participating in our unique life changing 5 step Strategic Wholistic Coaching™ method, you will be empowered to reclaim your true identity, and have fully awakened your feminine Goddess within. Most importantly, ensuring complete and total breakthroughs, enabling you to easily and effectively harness the unlimited essence of your inner feminine Goddess, is at the heart of everything we do.
Specifically you will:

Be Healthy and Strong
*Discover a life full of continuous energy and vitality
*Experience physical, mental and emotional wellness
*Easily transform your body incorporating healthy lifestyle habits

Take Charge of Your Destiny
*Effectively learn to set and achieve your goals
*Learn to easily communicate your needs
*Naturally become aware of your unlimited self confidence

Reclaim Your Identity
*Effortlessly break through your fears
*Easily identify and overcome your limiting beliefs
*Naturally experience unlimited passion, love and joy in every moment of your life

Jamie Adamchuk is an Internationally Licensed NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Personal Results Coach and Certified Breakthrough Parenting Instructor. Steffany Haynes is a Certified Comprehensive Clinical Iridologist, Natural Health Practitioner and Certified Personal Results Coach. Both Jamie and Steffany are proud to be Lecture Tour facilitators for Dr. Isai Castillo of the CIPAG Clinic.

In the beginning of our journey there was no help, guidance, tools or anyone we could turn to that could assist us with a greater understanding. Because of this, we chose to really dig in and educate ourselves, which in turn enabled us to understand and help our own situations. We’ve spent thousands of hours learning directly from the likes of Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Jim Rhone, Wayne Dyer, Richard Bandler, Joseph McClendon III, John and Julie Gottman, Berry Fowler, Jayne Major and Bjorn Ahlen, to name a few, and have incorporated what we’ve learned from them in developing our Strategic Wholistic Coaching™ methodology. We took the next step to both obtain our Certified Professional Coaching (CPC) designations. Jamie continued on to receive his Certified Breakthrough Parenting Instructor (CBPI) endorsement along with his Internationally Licensed NLP Practitioner credential, and most recently, his Internationally Licensed NLP Master Practitioner certification. Steffany continues to expand her knowledge in the natural health field and is working towards her Sclerology certification.

We've been blessed to have both recently attended Tony Robbin's Date With Destiny intensive total immersion program, which added many new tools to our ever expanding tool box, and we're very excited to share them with you on your new exciting journey. Our deep seated belief is that if you want to be and receive the very best of what you are seeking, then ensure the teacher is trained to only give you the best.


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