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Kara Melendy (Koaching with Kara), is a Stress Management Coach and Registered Professional Counsellor, giving women the tools they need to manage stress and anxiety so they can improve their relationships and excel in their career. Kara offers online group coaching programs- one of the most popular being, Stress Detox, as well as individual coaching and counselling sessions. She works with clients all over the world via Skype and Google Hangouts, and also sees client's in person in her office located in Halifax Nova Scotia.

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I specialize in giving women the tools they need to manage stress and anxiety so they can improve their relationships and excel in their career


About Kara

I am the creator and owner of Koaching with Kara, a business dedicated to helping women manage stress and anxiety so they can improve their relationships and excel in their career. I know what it is like to experience stress and overwhelm and have personally suffered from anxiety in the past. I want to share with you the tools I have used to help myself and my clients overcome this feeling of fear and overwhelm so they have the energy required to live the life they desire.

I draw upon a variety of techniques that I personally utilize in my own life and have witnessed their effectiveness. Some of these techniques include tools from Solution-Focused Counselling, Mindfulness practices, Cognitive Therapy, and Energy Psychology Techniques. I believe that counselling and coaching should be an empowering experience where you come to understand your unique abilities, appreciate your personal strengths, and learn the tools you need to help yourself succeed each and every day. I offer highly personalized programs tailored to meet your needs, as well as coaching packages. I connect with clients globally via phone and Skype.



"Kara has been such an inspirational and positive person in my life. Her videos are so full of knowledge and excellent information. I have learned so much from them. Kara has the tools to help people with whatever challenge they are facing. Whether it be anxiety, depression, failure to thrive, etc. She is a women of integrity and is authentic. I am so blessed to know her."

- Lucy Garcia McCracken


"Kara is a kind soul dedicated to helping others. Her wealth of knowledge and compassion are what inspire me to be the best version of myself. She has been a positive influence in my life and I would gladly recommend her services"

- Sara Nielsen


"I first met Kara at a women’s support group put on by Gentle Path Counselling. Kara is very down to earth and yet very knowledgeable. When my daughter’s ADD began to cause anxiety for her I knew Kara would be a perfect fit to help her. Kara taught my daughter how to cope with her anxiety, and learn to focus and stay calm in stressful situations.

I am grateful for everything Kara has done to help my daughter and I learn to deal with everyday situations and some more stressful ones."

- Mary Lawton


"I have found great methods of de-stressing and lessening anxiety from Kara’s Stress Detox program that I had not learned before, as well as, perspectives and insight into what causes stress and how to change it. It is with her program that I have found new ways to re-center myself and deal with high-anxiety situations and stressful relationships (aka ‘energy vampires), and found out that what I was doing was in alignment with my goals (and that my goals are valid). I love how she seems to empathize with everyone and understands that you should go for your dreams, no matter what people think, because that is what will bring you true happiness. Thank you for giving me hope, confidence, and tools to succeed, Kara."

- Michelle, D.

"Seeing Kara was a wonderful thing for me. She helped me on my journey of reaching my full potential while living with BPD and anxiety, which wasn't an easy task for me to accomplish on my own. Kara is an amazing person who truly listens. She gave me a lot of validation, encouragement, and resources. She helped me through a rough time and aided me in keeping it together so I could continue working. Speaking to Kara for only a few sessions made a huge impact on my mental well-being for the better. After seeing her I felt amazing emotionally. I would recommend her to anyone living with a mental illness, or just needing someone to talk to as her positive energy, bright and friendly smile, and welcoming demeanor in a judgement free environment really is a game changer."

Lisa Muise


Vist my website for more testimonials, KoachingwithKara.com

Services Provided

Online group coaching programs, as well as individual coaching and counselling sessions, designed to help you manage stress and anxiety so you can improve your relationships and excel in your career! Call (506-977-0877) or email (kara@koachingwithkara.com) to find out more. You can also visit my website for more details on services provide, koachingwithkara.com




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