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Downtown Hypnosis (Toronto Eaton Centre)

Custom hypnosis programs to lose weight, stop smoking, increase self-confidence.

” When I started the program I was unsure of how hypnosis would help. I quickly noticed changes in the way I eat and think about food. I am more conscious of my food decisions. I feel more confident in my ability to reach my goals.”* ~ Nevin B

“Before coming to hypnosis, I always had the feeling that food was in control. Even though I’ve belonged to a gym for the past 6 years, I always felt like I was taking 1 step forward, 2 steps back. My eating habits sabotaged my progress. Now I feel more in control. I now have the confidence to stay the course and keep at it.”* ~Deb B.

At Downtown Hypnosis, we offer you a safe, effective and natural approach to weight loss.

If you are frustrated with roller coaster dieting and unrealistic weight loss plans, then our Weight Loss Hypnosis is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to finally lose the weight and keep it off for good.

We are confident that if you follow this system, you will join the thousands of successful clients who have lost the weight and KEPT IT OFF using this method.

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Melissa McIntosh, the Director of Downtown Hypnosis, is part of an international network of leading Hypnotists using systems that have helped tens of thousands of people to lose weight, stop smoking and make other positive changes through Hypnosis and NLP. Melissa is a certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and is also certified in N.L.P with the National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NFNLP). Melissa is also an active member of the Master Hypnotist Society Canada.

Melissa first noticed the benefits of self-hypnosis when she was recovering from a broken back 6 years ago. She was able to manage her pain, stress and attitude, in a way that was surprising to the people around her. This experience prompted her to learn more about the power of the subconscious mind. She is now an enthusiastic advocate of self-hypnosis and enjoys sharing her knowledge of this amazing tool so that others can use it to improve their own lives.

Why Hypnosis?

Most people know what they SHOULD be doing in order to lose weight and keep it off. Actually DOING these things can be another story. How is it that with all the information available out there, so many still struggle so much to lose weight. The truth is, we are ruled and motivated by our emotions. If achieving weight loss success was a matter of logic, information and reasoning, then isn’t it true that so many reasonable people wouldn’t struggle to lose weight?  If you feel like you can relate to the frustration of knowing what you SHOULD do, but struggle to make the necessary changes and if you are sick and tired of sacrificing your health, attractiveness and enjoyment of life, hypnosis can help.

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Your success with hypnosis is dependent on many factors. Attitude and motivation play key roles in your outcome. Attendance at scheduled appointments and co-operation will also help determine your results. Although it is not possible to guarantee human behaviour, Downtown Hypnosis provides the following service promise to our clients:

Once your program is fully paid for, there is no additional cost for sessions, regardless of how long it takes to reach the original goal of the program.

Every individual is different and so is the time needed to reach personal goals.

Once the agreed upon training period is complete. Downtown Hypnosis provides FREE REINFORCEMENT sessions as needed (once a month maximum) until the original goal has been reached.

If you ever go back to your problem or habit you may request our services at no additional charge as long as our doors are open.

Why suffer when you can get the help you need?

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